Wednesday, December 22, 2004

This is what I feel like doing these days...sticking my tongue out!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

next wweek na yung prelims sa law...hay!! Another few days of sleepless nights again... nakaw lang ang blog na friends are waiting in McDo now...tada!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Hah! Two days of no class because of the nation wide strike
against oil price hikes and all I can think about is Civil Procedure and Administrative law! The latter I can handle, but the former…well, so far I find it boring as hell. I’m readingwithout any tinge of emotion on this subject. My teacher
in Legal Counseling tells us that Civil Procedure IS boring, and that you only get to appreciate it when you get to practice law. Well that really didn’t help me at all. Haay!!!

My current state of emotion is also draining my romantic
energies. My ex (that’s what I call my current boo) asked me a very---shall we say---“malaman” na tanong last night. I told him that it was almost celestial. But I got his point. He didn’t with mine. Haay!!!

School is ordinary…love life is….home is better.
My doggies keep me company…at least
I have something to be happy about….Haaay!!!!



(P.S. Any news on Kawayan people?
On Lino Cayetano maybe? On you??!!!???)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

After an exhausting first semester of my second year in law school…ngayon ko lang talaga na feel na I’m a law student…Not that I was slacking in my freshman year but the saying that your second year is the toughest “daw” is quite true. Maybe I’d change my own opinion when I reach the next level. Anyway, I haven’t blog in ages!!! I miss this…Most of the time I write about the most mundane things but what the heck…this blog was meant as a pleasant diversion in my boring life…

So many things have happened!!! As usual my dearest Kawayan is getting more and more press coverage and if you check out the chatrooms of Pinoys…a lot of girls are screaming for info on the guy…Sure, there’s without a doubt that the first thing that attracted me to the guy was his striking good looks…but after awhile good looks doesn’t quite cut it for me anymore….I have a standing admiration for all artists in general (writers, painters, photographers, etc) and once you get to know what kind of art Kawayan De Guia does…well, it starts to be interesting….to say the least, his being a Buddhist is reflective in almost all his works being highlighted in the Art exhibits and contests he joins in… I don’t quite understand it…perhaps because pictures on the net don’t do justice on his works…I have yet to see one or any of his works in person…punta kaya siya ditto sa Iloilo??? (wink wink heee heeee Kilig factor to the Max).

Anyway, what’s new---what’s new? Gutsy Tuason just published a new book called Bahura if I’m not mistaken. It means coral reefs I think. He looks older but happy with Amanda in his interview with F. Haaay!!!

Wish for the day: Punta ng Baguio….Haaay…will anyone invite me please? A free trip and all wouldn’t hurt..I won’t complain..I promise..heee heee (wink wink)

(P.S. Make this my life’s wish...ever)

My babies are getting cuter everyday...Puma lost a lot of weight...I'll post pics next time...they're just the cutest bunch!!! Hay, I'm a certified dog lover and I'm proud of it!!!

After an exhausting first semester of my second year in law school…ngayon ko lang talaga na feel na I’m a law student…Not that I was slacking in my freshman year but the saying that your second year is the toughest “daw” is quite true. Maybe I’d change my own opinion when I reach the next level. Anyway, I haven’t blog in ages!!! I miss this…Most of the time I write about the most mundane things but what the heck…this blog was meant as a pleasant diversion in my boring life…

So many things have happened!!! As usual my dearest Kawayan is getting more and more press coverage and if you check out the chatrooms of Pinoys…a lot of girls are screaming for info on the guy…Sure, there’s without a doubt that the first thing that attracted me to the guy was his striking good looks…but after awhile good looks doesn’t quite cut it for me anymore….I have a standing admiration for all artists in general (writers, painters, photographers, etc) and once you get to know what kind of art Kawayan De Guia does…well, it starts to be interesting….to say the least, his being a Buddhist is reflective in almost all his works being highlighted in the Art exhibits and contests he joins in… I don’t quite understand it…perhaps because pictures on the net don’t do justice on his works…I have yet to see one or any of his works in person…punta kaya siya ditto sa Iloilo??? (wink wink heee heeee Kilig factor to the Max).

Anyway, what’s new---what’s new? Gutsy Tuason just published a new book called Bahura if I’m not mistaken. It means coral reefs I think. He looks older but happy with Amanda in his interview with F. Haaay!!!

Wish for the day: Punta ng Baguio….Haaay…will anyone invite me please? A free trip and all wouldn’t hurt..I won’t complain..I promise..heee heee (wink wink)

(P.S. Make this my life’s wish...ever)

My babies are getting cuter everyday...Puma lost a lot of weight...I'll post pics next time...they're just the cutest bunch!!! Hay, I'm a certified dog lover and I'm proud of it!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

www.Which one am I? (wink wink)

All of us Blog. All of us are law students. All of us are Beyotchs!!! (wink wink)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Quote I can quote Verbatim: The heart has its reasons which reason does not know. (Blaise Pascal)

This gorgeous baby is Nike!!!! If I could have a mini me in the dog's world---she would be it! Haughty, demanding, bitchy and well...lovable? heee heee Oh wait, slightly unpredictable too!! :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2004

WHAT in your closet that you treasure most?
-perfect fititng jeans that makes you wanna dance?
-i'm coming out you bring anywhere with you?
-phone and money you do first upon waking up?
- check out the time

...time do you usually go to sleep?
-around midnyt the scariest movie ever?

...makes you tremble/weak on the knees?
--fever? the anticipation of a great kiss? scary movies..

...type of clothes do you like wearing?
-jeans and black tops

...part of your body do you adore?
-nada---oh wait, my mouth????

...have you done to pamper yourself lately?
-wah your sleepwear?
-pajamas, old shirts, my sis' shorts you want to add up to your room?
-space, lots of it...plasma tv, more books, framed photographs, etc.

...would you rather have -coffee or iced tea?
-iced-tea, better yet--some chocolate please your best trait?
-my sarcasm and unbridled tongue

...would you rather do -go out or sleep?
-go out!! i've gotten fat because of sleeping too much

...would you rather engage yourself into-basketball or scuba diving?
-scuba diving (that is if I can get over my fear of going underwater) a romantic date for you?
-don't know...that's my bf's problem

...brings you to tears?
-frustration, anger, loss, myself? you think of long-distance love affair?
-it works for some people

...was the last movie you watched in the theater?
-feng shui you prefer- jeans or skirt?
-jeans you do -jog or swim?
-jog (ages ago) would you rather have?
-Mrs. Kawayan de Guia? (please lord..i wish!)...Mrs. Lino Cayetano? (wink wink)...or maybe Kenshin or another German sounding name like mine

...makes you lose your temper?
-myself and others are you craving for lately?
-good old Pinoy food baby!

...the world needs now?

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

It's so me:

Rons, you follow your heart when it comes to success

You're an impassioned individual who just can't suppress your ideals. You've got a strong sense of right and wrong, and want to let people know when they've crossed the line. Sure, there are times when you sit back to hear both sides of an argument. But people had better stay out of the way when your fiery passions take hold.But just because you can be a bit of a rebel with a cause, it doesn't mean you're incapable of being understanding and compassionate. It's because you're so invested in your ideas and interests that you can work so tirelessly toward your goals and speak up for what you believe in. So keep pouring your heart into it. With conviction like yours, you're sure to succeed!

Fr: Emode

Monday, October 11, 2004

lizards....i have a weird desire to photograph them in the last 2 days...don't know why...but somehow their positions are...well, "provocative" it me or am i getting weirder everyday?----i think it's the combination of this coming finals week and well---just being me...wala talagang magawa...anything to distract me from hitting the books...what's up with the weather these days?!!! even my mood swings are no longer swinging...they're intergalactic almost in their drama...ahahay!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

now that i have someone to share a part of my life with i realize a few things:
1. your friends either approve of you or they give you a pained expression (luckily i belong to the former)
2. my sarcasm is now in full force...a spice of life
3. i sometimes play with my bf's emotions...childish? sure...but sometimes i do it just for the heck of is more interesting that way...our late night conversations now have a topic to focus on
4. my friends are getting bitchier (i know, the word doesn't exist...somebody sue Mr. Webster please)....but when you're surrounded by young, ambitious, would-be lawyer get to ask yourself this question---"are they a reflection of me?"----hell, yeah!!!
5. one of the joys of blogging is when you're friends start to blog too....she doesn't only seem funny when i'm with her...but she really is!!! check out PrettyCrabbyLucy....she's hilarious!!!
6. and finally, i'm feeling law school these days...the pains...the joys...and the curses...i'm definitely "in"

Sunday, September 05, 2004

The questions in my life right now

Has love found me?
Is this love or just infatuation?
How do I know if this is the man who is right for me, right now?
How does one really ever know?
Is taking a chance at love a risk I can take?
Would I fall hard and learn to see life in a different way because of him?
Or am I just delusional?

AAARGGGGGHHHHHH….love can certainly wreck havoc in
one’s well-ordered but monotonous life.
Someone please give a line or two....what's love gotta do?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Missing Bamboo, Having Harry, Feeling the Law and Death

I was not only excited, but I was dreaming of Bamboo for a whole month since the day I learned Bamboo was dropping by here in Iloilo. I was excited about taking cool pictures of the guys and sending them in their yahoo group. I was counting the days and I was literally feeling giddy about the whole thing---but on the last minute the universe suddenly turned its wicked charms on me and decided to piss my engines off! As usual, the culprit in my life is the back breaking load in law school! Sometimes life can be cruel!

I’m still pissed about the whole thing. I really am. I’m holding on to my grudge.

PANAWAGAN SA BAMBOO: BALIK KAYO NG ILOILO ULIT!!!! ALSO, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR GIG WOULD BE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. I have classes Monday to Saturday and it all usually ends at 8 or 8:30 in the evening.

But then the universe gives you a break----this time it was buying the whole set of Harry Potter books. Ok, so I’ve seen the movies but haven’t read a single word of the book---sue me. My sister was excited about the whole thing so I joined in the hoopla. It’s not much really---I would have been excited about having the 100 world classics in my book collection but what the heck right? You have to start somewhere. Oh yeah—I started with J.R.R. Tolkien’s books already! Hee hee

Then, as I was reading the blog of Jas I learned of the death of Chico from Kapatid. So sad, he will be missed.

Anyway, I just love reading about Jas’ blogs!!!! Sa kanya lang ako humahagilap ng mga bagong balita tungkol kay Kawayan. The chances of me meeting him somewhere is nada!!!! It’s a sad fact that I will have to live with for the rest of my beautiful days---grabeh!

Tanong lang---why does God create a man that makes a girl’s heart melt and give distance between them seem unbearable? Is it karma of my past life? The wall that I will have to cross over with—the bridge I have to cross---the river I have to swim into---the mountain I have to climb---the canvass I have to start on? Even my dab on poetry sucks, cliché!

P.S. Lino Cayetano is getting cuter every time I see him on TV. May girlfriend na kaya siya? Hee heee

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Some law school students ask themselves, "Kailangan pa ba yang i-memorize?"

Ako/Me? "How do I divide myself?"

I barely blog anymore,
I don't do anything else but study the law,
and I still don't have a lovelife (Kahit steady date man lang).

Life sucks.


Friday, June 25, 2004


- Name: Rons
- Birth date: 27th of February
- Birthplace: Iloilo City
- Current Local: Iloilo
- Eye Color: Black
- Hair Color: black
- Height: 5’1
- Righty/Lefty: Righty
- Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Shoes you wore today: Tennis shoes
- Weakness: Book Sales
- Fears: Heights
- Perfect Pizza: Great Toppings

- Most overused phrase: Hay!
- First thoughts waking up: Can I sleep some more?
- Best physical feature: Nonexistent
- Bedtime: After 12
- Most missed memory: Love life

Love Interest: Kawayan De Guia!!!!!!

- Smoke: Nope
- Take a shower: Everyday
- Do you think you've been in love: Yeah! With Kawayan
- Want to go to college: Finished!
- Like(d) HS: Fave
- Want to get married: Basta si Kawayan, kahit ngayon na!!!
- Believe in yourself: Sure
- Play an instrument: Organ

In the past month...
- Drank alcohol: Nope
- Smoked: Nah
- Done a drug: Nope
- Gone to the mall?: At least 3x a week
- Eaten an entire box of oreos?: Not yet
- Eaten sushi: No
- Been on stage: No
- Gone skating: No
- Thought of Kawayan: As sure as the sun rises and sets!!!!


- Played a game that required removal of clothing:No
- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: No
- Been caught "doing something": stupid? sure
- Been called a tease: Never

- Do you hope to be married: someday
- Describe your Dream Wedding: Basta ang groom si Kawayan
- How do you want to die: Having the man who loves me tell me that life has been sweet with me around in his life…haaaay

- Drugs taken illegally: None
- CDs that I own: alin dun?!
- Tattoos: No
- Things in my past that I regret: Too many to be remembered

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Make Me Smile, Pretty Please?!

One of the simple things that can make me giddy with excitement is when I receive e-mails from people I don't know. From fans of Kawayan, bloggers I randomly leave a comment on and from strangers that refuse to be identified. I don't know if some of them are just fooling around but nevertheless I'm thrilled. May nagbabasa nga ng blog ko! Yippeee!

Here's a Buddhist wisdom I came across with:

Fleeting is this world
Growth and decay its very nature
Things spring to being and again they cease
Happy the marvel of them and the peace.

My take on this? Find joy in the simplest of things.

My parents find joy everytime one of their orchids in our little garden would bloom...they love and openly admire the subtle look/beauty of a potted plant.

A friend of mine finds a reason to smile the whole day just by getting a glimpse of her crush. For some, finding a bargain like a t-shirt for 50 pesos.

In the grand scheme of things, the cheapest and the simplest things in life means the most. Have you ever heard of the expression, "Less is More?"

Mine is simply creating memories with family, friends and most especially with my doggies. He he he he

Saturday, June 12, 2004

01 | if you had more time alone, you would..
take photos

02 | if you could change anything about the world..
get rid of poverty

03 | if you had a plane ticket to anywhere in the world,
you would visit..

04 | if you could live anywhere in the world, you would live in..

05 | if you could ask God one question, it would be..
can I go to heaven?

06 | if you could, you would spend time with this famous person..
Elizabeth Taylor

07 | if you could be famous, you would like to be famous for..
my wits

08 | if you could magically change one thing in you it would be..
my near-sighted eyes

09 | if you were stranded on a desert island, you would want these three people with you..
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a cook and Oprah

10 | the first thing you would do on a deserted island..
make an SOS sign

11 | if you were in prison, you would spend time..

12 | if you could erase one memory..
bad people in my life

13 | if you could choose your age of death..
doesn’t matter how old I am---as long as I’ve had a full life

14 | if you could bring back a person from the dead..
Ninoy Aquino

15 | if you were a beverage, you would be..
iced tea

School starts monday...another semester of reading and reading and eating out with life is one big circle of predictable woes and angst...ahahay!

Thursday, June 10, 2004


I find it interesting that I seem to be living in such interesting, momentous and historical times. It’s not that I have any role in any of it happening (or not)—but as a spectator and a speck that belongs in what we call humanity….well, it’s interesting.

Take for instance this transit of Venus that apparently happens once every hundred years or so---I wanted to watch it but my Mother warned me not to look directly at sunlight---which I would have to do if I wanted to see the darn thing! But considering that I could barely look straight with my nearsighted pair of barely-there-eyes---well, this I got to see on TV! Ahahay.

Well anyway, I was on a shopping mall the other day because I wanted a different set of frames for my eyeglasses and you know what I came across with? (Don’t hold your breath---it wasn’t that momentous. Or for that matter historical) There was a sale! And legions of Ilonggos were there to burn some calories, spend their fortune and haggle.

But take this into perspective: when you’re surrounded by so many people of different ages, sexual orientation and sizes---you’re bound to be people-watching; from Moms that speak English with their kids trying to keep up (or should I say—understand at all?!?) to boyfriends taking deep breaths in frustration and God-knows what from waiting for their girlfriends to get out of the fitting room. Whew! Some expressions are priceless, I tell you!


This election was the first time I ever voted. (I missed my first chance to do so a few years ago) and naturally, I wanted to see who won the not-exactly-envied position of the
President and the Vice President. Well now, it seems that I can do a lot of things before I know or by then, care to know—who won that is.

Take a deep breath…take a swim…view the beauty of the sea world…..etc….etc….etc...apparently, I can do a lot of things before I would know who won.

Something tells me that by the time Kingdom Come and Doomsday arrives…I would have done a lot more than debate this S&*! For Hours on end. Ahahay!


I have to this to say of our newly-eleected Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago ----------YIPPEEE!!!! Even if I don’t always agree with her, I just find her fascinating.

If only half of the personalities in Philippine politics could be just like her...we would have something to actually think about and watch on end! Haay.

Friday, May 14, 2004

eLeKsYoN nG pInAs

May 10, 2004: Election Day today, and after voting without a hassle, I just realized how little I know of the personalities that are involved in the local government. I didn’t recognize a soul! The idiot that I am, I voted with these in mind: I voted for the women, the ones who have familiar nicknames and just for the heck of it---the ones with “pretty names.” I consoled myself with the idea that I voted wisely in the national level. My mother voted for GMA and I voted for Raul Roco. My mother tells me, jokingly, that I really shouldn’t vote for Roco because he’s a no-win-kind-of-a-candidate. The man doesn’t stand a chance. You have to vote for GMA. (The rationality with that statement is that if Roco can’t win---because of GMA and FPJ---you better vote for GMA just in case, to counter the votes for FPJ). My answer was simple: Conscience Vote.

tHe UsUaL: tHe DeAd ArE aLiVe AnD tHe LiViNg DiEs

Usual complaints and problems pop up every election time in the Philippines: Missing Names in the Registered Voters List, Poll Watchers Shouting “Daya!”, Flying Voters, Money Exchanging Hands…etc! But more than the usual complaints, we now have people arguing about exit polls and surveys---whether or not they’re the real deal. If I have my way---I’d get rid of the whole thing! It confuses people and creates the mindset that this or that candidate is the “sure” winner. C’mon!?!?! People need to think for their own for a change. At least in the local levels, you can see that people are changing their usual liking for artistas---being a movie star no longer guarantees an election win.

May 14, 2004: InDiA aNd ThE pHiLiPpInEs

As we were having the usual drama of election time here in the Philippines---India was also having its election. What struck me was that India held its elections using a computerized system of voting. Within a few hours people knew which candidates or for that matter, which party was winning. Resignations were on hand and the country moved on with a new government in tow. No drama (meaning: No violence and complaints). No fuss.

Now if we had a computerized system in the Philippines, there wouldn’t be any need for exit polls, Namfrel, surveys, election violence, and dramas.

But then again, some things happen only in the Philippines. We would never know unless we’ve had a computerized system.

But if we did, how can the bad man cheat? Who would need the guns and goons? Ahahahay.

BuSh aNd PiCs

Bush is having a hard time these days. A lot of criticisms on the way the Americans are handling Iraqui prisoners in Iraq. Those pictures were disgusting. But was I surprised? Nope. America may always have the need to put itself in a “holier than thou” position in the world today but seriously, it doesn’t have the most clean and clear reputation for human rights. It would be the first to condemn the others but the last to acknowledge its own. A lot of wrong things can happen in a war. But the idea that this kind of behavior is not reflective of what America stands for? C’mon! It’s a tactic that has been used for ages! But to be fair, it doesn’t happen with America alone. History can tell you as much.

The other thing that blows my mind away is the idea that this couldn’t have happened if the soldiers could have been taught the Geneva Conventions. That this could somehow lessen the crime committed and be understandable was B.S.! You don’t need to read the Geneva Conventions that torturing and putting prisoners in those positions were wrong! If you still need to be told that---then there’s something really wrong with people these days. Basic human compassion and right conscience can tell you that---that is, if you had one in the first place.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Sumasakit na ang ulo ko...Ang ganda ng pagpangit ng bago kong blogskin...This sucks. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Source: Friendster Bulletin Posts
Message: Why do you choose to be single at the moment?

SBC: Isa itong "calling". Dapat itong yakapin!

Issey: Why not? It's fun, though lonely at times, but it just needs a little getting used to. (while listening to Swing Out Sister!)

Iris: Because married life can be so harrowing.

MorDred: Coz its so much simpler this way. Why complicate things?!! hahaha

Jenny: Because the world is full of A-holes, b*stards, sh*t heads and married and attached guys who are pretending to be "unattached" and available.

Hizzle: It's better 2 be single than to be hurt by someone you've love and in the end will just left you for somebody...

=*muse*= : its fun coz i can flirt wenever i darn please... with my conscience clean =)

Sailboat: Because you prefer to “share in the happiness” of your friends that actually have a love life, and then go home wondering why the heck you don’t have one….you then go on complaining and cursing Cupid on why the heck he forgot all about you when you have the most willing heart in this part of the galazy….but then again----maybe not. Have you ever heard of single blessedness? Hee heee

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Hey! I'm changing my blog skin! But as you can see, my words are a little bit messed up...don't know why...pag-aaralan ko muna 'to...this requires all my brain power----nah! For now, this is my blog.

---Which do you Prefer---
9.RING(JAPANESE VER) OR THE RING(AMERICAN VER)? I only saw the US version…soweeee

Monday, April 26, 2004

When the Market Stinks

Normally I would be the first to applaud and champion true love when it’s being criticized or demeaned by others, but the current flame of Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez is something. Korina may well do what Sharon Cuneta has done for her Senator hubby----put the man in their position----or in the case of Mar---his would-be position in the Senate. And if the surveys are to be believed, it’s going to be on the top spot. Jeeez! Romance in election time with a high-profile girlfriend or boyfriend that is seen on television almost everyday of the week is nothing short of putting one’s intentions on the questionable end. But sometimes it could be more than obvious. It almost stinks.

----About secrets----
1. Do you have a crush? Yup
2. Is he/she in your friends list? No
3. How long has he/she been your crush? A few years
4. What is first letter of his/her name? He’s a K
5. Name a song that you want to personally sing in front of him/her? If I could actually sing it would be “I Will” by Ben Taylor
6. In your whole life, have you ever puffed the magic dragon? No
7. When was the last time you got drunk? Never
8. If you died and given a chance to live again, who would you want to be this time and why? Athina Roussel….if that’s far-fetched maybe a famous photographer
9. Have you ever been a number two? Was I ever on the list?
10. One day ET knocked on your door and asked if you could use the phone, what are you gonna say to him? Is there a God?

Sunday, April 25, 2004

ANSWER BRIEFLY: Who/What comes to your mind when these things are mentioned?

Mornings: Time for Sleep
Lunch: Food
Afternoons: Time to hit the books and a Nap wouldn’t hurt either
Evenings: School…if not, TV or the Net
Mall: Eating and Shopping
Movie: Sitting still for an hour or two, maybe three
America: New York
Britain: Royalty
France: Sexy French accents
Africa: Wild life
Philippines: The Heat
Japan: History and Culture
Baguio: Kawayan De Guia (Obvious ba?!)
Arcade: Noises and Boys
Restos: My kind of thing..…pure pleasure…slurps!
Carparks: Mainit ang Pilipinas
Music: Emote
MTV: Cribs and oh yeah, music videos
Cars: My dream car: Hummer
Pop Stars: Glitters and Dance Moves that have no connection with the lyrics or the rhythm of the song
Rockers: Interesting---how after singing their heads off, they actually have depth in their points of view….you can actually have life-lessons learned with these guys (not just about sex and drugs really); they have causes they are concerned and fighting for---from AIDS in Africa to helping refugees etc. etc. etc.
Chocolate: Pure pleasure plus my Pop
Vinci: the artist? Hee heee
Beer: My drunkard friends….nah!
Cream Puffs: :)
Angelina Jolie: Tsk Tsk some people have it all…beauty, body and brains
Britney Spears: Amazed how lip-synching can get one millions and millions plus a faked pair of boobs…jeez!
Blue: Sky (duh?!) The Boy Band? Hyuck!
Green: Veggies and Plants
Yellow: My bed sheets
Orange: Box?
Hate: Pretty much everyone….nah!
Love: Books and K.

My father left today to work abroad, and only after saying my goodbyes on the phone that I noticed my family members kept saying “Happy Trip.” I don’t know, but reflecting on that made me think if that’s exactly what we mean when a loved one leaves us other than for vacation. Are they really happy? Just a thought.


It seems that the CBS special showing pictures of Princess Diana’s last moments in that Paris car crash is causing more pain and controversy than the network thought. They justified the pictures as not being graphic or anything offensive. I don’t know. I’m a huge fan of Diana and God knows how many hours of documentaries, books and articles I have read and collected through the years---either in life or in death of Diana. A part of me wants to see the pictures –maybe because Diana has been so photographed in her life that I want to see that part of her life where not much pictures were seen. But my father’s reaction to the published pictures made me think twice. He thought that it was of poor taste. If Diana did not have peace because of the media surrounding her all the time---the least we should do now is to provide her that in death. At least in death, the privacy she so craved in life could be hers. But then again, that may not be honored now.

Another controversy about pictures this week was the pictures of dead American soldiers in Iraq. The Administration of Bush are afraid and are quite correct that in showing these pictures all that the people could think about is comparing it with the Vietnam War. This proves to say that wars are never right. Maybe now Americans can rethink their position on key global issues. Diplomacy maybe tricky----but have you ever heard anyone die from talking and negotiating? I haven’t. Maybe Bush can figure that one out----but then again, maybe not.


I say a documentary by Michael Davie a few years (?) ago about honor killings in Pakistan and today it was replayed again in National Geographic. The first time I saw it I was shocked and I saw the whole thing from beginning to end. For the second time today I saw it again and still, my reaction is the same.

About 7:30 or so tonight I saw it again----same topic---honor killings in Pakistan----but this time in a documentary in Star Asia.

My take on this is simple: There is no honor in killing your wife, or your daughter or your sister. You don’t become more or less of a man. You simply become a murderer, plain and simple.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Ten for Starters

1. Single or taken? Single
2. Describe yourself in one word? Complicated
3. What's the first thing you do when you wake up? Stretch
4. What's the last thing you do before you go to bed? Turn off the lights
5. Something about you that you're proud of: My no-nonsense
description of my self (return to question no.2)

6. Are you in love? Would I be single if I was? Duh?!
7. What's your mobile number? Give me a wink, a kiss, a smile and a treat…then I’ll think about it….heeee heeee
8. Are you happy? Generally.
9. Why? …Because happiness is a state of being that’s why.
10. What is the most important material object you possess? My books

Have you ever gotten that message or e-mail about how the month you were born says a lot about your personality? This is what mine says:


Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and
humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but chooses not to show it. Dislike unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside.
Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

If I was half of any of these traits...I wouldn’t have time to write in this blog. Really!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

in Canada

I was watching this man trying to get down from a boat and trying to get to this baby seal on the ice and I thought, “Oh nice. He’s trying to save the baby seal,”---I thought the man was from Green Peace or some environmental group….NOT! It turns out he was in a hurry to get to the baby seal and whack it’s brains out! My jaw DROPPED! It turnd out that Canada is now allowing the hunting and capture (I’m calling this SLAUGHTER) of seals. The government there says that’s it’s not only good for their economy but for the environment as well…..seriously, who are they fooling? Bastards.


Two things made my spine tingle with the dingle this week...seeing FPJ and Imelda Marcos together in Leyte. Seeing FPJ and his group in the Marcos mausoleum gave me the creeps! Actually it was sad more than anything else. When asked if FPJ will allow the late dictator (and his ninong in marriage) to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani....all that he could say was that he couldn't possibly comment on something he didn't know the root and cause of....That was enough to make me not vote for the man.

The other man was seeing the political ad of Jinggoy Estrada with ERAP in that very appropriate barbed-wire/sympathy-crap theme they have going on.

Seriously man, even Jinggoy's smile was so artistahin.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Where is the Brain?

Isn’t it amazing how people can be stupid sometimes? It’s not that their naturally so, but sometimes they lack in the most basic things of all---common sense. They try to present something like an “invitation”---naturally, you get interested. You respond. Only to find out later that it really wasn’t an invite and they were merely “informing” you. Kaboooze!

I swear…if you can just possibly pull some people’s hair and wring their neck for just a second longer…miracles will happen. I guarantee it!

If not, I’ll pray for it.

Better yet, I'll put it in my wishlist for Santa to grant.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Summer Boredom

I wake up at around 9 in the morning.
I take a bath.
Read something.
Watch TV.
Play with the dogs.
Listen to music.
Play with the dogs.
Watch more TV.
Go to the Gym or Sleep.
Come Home.
Play with thr dogs.
Eat Dinner.
Watch more TV.
Read Something.
Internet maybe.
Sleep again.

$#*! I'm bored.

Until...friends call up...which is even rare...but then again, their living their own lives...$#@! I hate summer.

Friday, April 02, 2004


Now tell me seriously, which one of us hasn’t seen the famous temper of Presidential candidate FPJ? Hah! Roco was right in questioning “Yan ba ang gentleman?” I wonder if GMA (the TV Station) decides to totally ignore FPJ and Loren Legarda…ala news black out on the two, can you imagine them apologizing profusely to that lady reporter? I’ll bet Loren would come down her helicopter and save her ass in a heartbeat! Talk about saving face! It’s funny that it happened in my little town of Iloilo---with our 1 million possible votes…I wonder?

Anyways, I just brought Bamboo’s latest album and Josh Groban’s latest cd as well. I’m crazy about Josh’s song My Confession…just love it! Every lady should here this from their significant other. Of all the songs from Bamboo, the choice of NOYPI as their first single is the best! The song is tight! The lyrics are great and the elements are just right. I just love hearing Bamboo singing again. Now my wish is that the group could come here in Iloilo….you might just see me screaming in the crowd….he he he


Ok, I just signed up in Bamboo’s yahoo group and made a little comment in their site. Never thought about it again until I just opened my mail…Whoa! Talk about a response! For the first time in my life I exceeded my mail limit in yahoo! Just in 4 to 5 days of being incognito on the net! (My parents were starting to complain of the many hours I use the net.) I’ll read them all people! Wait for my responses.


Every law student that takes the Bar Exams wants to see their names listed of those who passed the Bar. Today was that day for those that took the Bar last year. Out of 5,000 students about 1100+ passed. Tough!

To those who passed….CONGRATULATIONS!
REALITY CHECK: Start looking for a job! Start paying your student loans and if you’re parents are paying for everything…buy them a ticket for a cruise someday. They would call it even. Ha ha ha ha

One Complain for the Day: My whole body is killing me! After two years of not going back to the gym and practicing my whatever....I'm feeling every muscle group that I forgot existed! Bummer!

Sunday, March 28, 2004


Finally! Yesterday was my last day of school...I'm free! It seems that Boracay will have to wait until after the Elections. Ahahay! But then again I may just miraculously lose some of my excess pounds and deep-seated fear of going underwater by the time Election Day comes. Hyuk! Hyuk!

Anyway, I was in the mall yesterday and I brought a book --Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown....not since reading Sexual Personae by Camille Paglia have I been mentally blown away! A must-read indeed for the summer.

While I was checking out the other books I saw this cover of PULP Magazine, and guess who's on the cover? Bamboo's Back! This aftrenoon I saw them perform in A.S.A.P. and they should have performed solo without that Diether ruining the song...he should have stood at the corner and shut his mouth! Lordy, some people are just born to recite! Amen!

I also got my links right today. So, if you want to be my friend, send me a message in my board. If you're blog is interesting and funny enough, I'll add you up. I'm in no hurry really.

P.S. That Art Bell article I commented before? It turns out the real one didn't wrote it himself! Hah! Somebody must have! Anyway, whoever you comment was for YOU!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Hah! My sister finally graduated from High School and I was the designated photographer and home video woman for this momentous occasion in my sister’s life. It wasn’t so bad, I got back to see my old alma mater and discovered that the church still looks the same; the difference now is that we have better lighting in the room. After the graduation ceremony all hell broke loose inside the Church, kids were screaming and calling out for their barkadas to have that once in a lifetime group picture that will seal the moment of graduation for posterity. It was hilarious even. You’d think that these kids have never been photographed in their lives! But all in all, it was okay.

I was sorting out some of my old papers and I came across some of my research materials in High School when I did a paper about Stoicism as a philosophy And some quotes are still meaningful to me now as they did before almost 5 years ago. Here’s one:

“If you work at that which is before you, following right reason seriously, vigorously, calmly without allowing anything else to distract you, I keeping your divine part pure, as if you might be bound to give it back immediately; if you hold to this, keeping nothing, fearing nothing, but satisfied with your present activity according to nature…you will be happy. And there is no man who is able to prevent this.”
Bull’s Eye!

After Graduation we went to this Hotel in hope that we could eat in one of its Italian Restaurants and who did we come across unexpectedly? A “famous” actor who’s now running for Senator; he used to have a rift with a former President’s son and was recently head of a Board that concerns itself with things of “Pirated” nature. Hak. Hak. He looked tired and it never occurred to me seeing all the bodyguards and big cars near the hotel that it might just possibly be about the Election Campaigns! I must have been “recovering” from all the flashes of my camera. Now I believe the saying that though you may think of yourself as a “Western Fan” of Hollywood stars and all, an artista will always be an artista. You’ll ask yourself later on why the hell did I even do that? Anyway I told my Ma and Pa jokingly that we shouldn’t vote for “HIM” as a Senator since he didn’t even give us a kiss. Hah! A hand shake is something I can get from the Tambays in every corner of the Philippines. Anyways, we’ll see if he will be addressed as his father is being addressed now come Election Day.

It turned out that the President GMA, along with her Senatorial Slate and Bodyguards were in town to campaign. Ilongga Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Ilonggo Franklin Drilon were there. When I turned on the live broadcast, the President was already starting her speech. Too bad I wasn’t able to hear Miriam speak. My father was surprised that GMA could speak almost perfect Ilonggo---if I remember correctly, in one TV Documentary about GMA, it was mentioned that she speaks several Filipino languages and dialects perfectly. If anybody there doubts that there are other “languages” in the Philippines besides Tagalog and English---you’ve guessed wrong. My professor in U.P. said that it is only our colonial mentality that bars our acknowledgement of the fact that we actually do have languages of our own. Ignorance has never been bliss.

If you’re confronted or reminded of something everyday you either tend to be oblivious about it or be aware of it. Everyday when I go to school, I pass by 4 Churches and on the school grounds another Church. I’m reminded of one quote by Seneca:
“We often want one thing and pray for another, not telling the truth even to the gods.”

“I loved not yet, yet I loved to love…I sought what I might love, loving to love.”

Physical attractiveness has been defined as: “That which represents one’s conception of the ideal in appearance: that which gives the greatest degree of pleasure to the senses.”(Hatfield and Stretcher)
“It is a sign of dull nature to occupy oneself deeply in matters that concern the body; for instance, to be over much occupied about exercise, about eating and drinking, about easing oneself, about sexual intercourse.” (Epictetus)

I prefer the latter one. It’s almost a statement for people with self-esteem issues and for people struggling with weight or excess pounds (HARK! The fat lady spills!). Count me in!

Can you see my excess fat making waves as I run to you? BWAHAHAHAHA! Fats rule! In the dining table, in the kitchen, in the hundred of fiesta menus in the Philippines….Vegetarians are still a breed unique to the Philippines. SLURP!

P.S. I finally saw a replay of Miriam making her speech….damn she’s convincing!

Thursday, March 18, 2004


This is my latest blog after so many weeks of being incognito on my own blog. I was trying to change the look of my blog by getting free blog skins/templates from a website and every time I change my blog--- weird symbols mess up my words. Bummer! After cursing and wasting precious hours on the net I finally gave up. Hay ahay, at least finals is midway through for me. Two more exams and I’m free! Boracay here I come!

The good thing after I returned to regular templates in Blogger, was that I got my first message on my tag board! Ok if that sounds pathetic that’s ok. Apparently nobody ever read my blog besides Jas (who until now is the one and only person out there that posted a comment on one of my blogs) or if there was anybody else, nobody bothered posting a comment. It (tagboard message) was from Sassy Lawyer, and the nice thing was that she greeted me on my recently celebrated natal day. Apparently she read one of the comments I made on one of those blogs by Filipinos on the net-----I don’t know if she agreed with what I wrote or not---but it doesn’t matter. She made my night.

Anyway I was reading her blog and she mentioned about typing “Bangungot ng Bayan” in the Google Search and clicking on the “I feel lucky button”---voila! Hilarious! If this is something, I’d like to construe it as a sign from the heavens. Jinx or somebody’s dark humor…check it out!

Besides cursing on the messed up words I kept getting after changing one after the other of my blog templates (obviously with no success) I read and I read a lot of blogs by Filipinos here and abroad. I don’t know it’s like having an experience of all sorts after reading most of them. Some are simply hilarious, some make you read twice, some make you feel their mental angst, and some makes you feel funny and weird at the same time---- it’s MY version of mental road trip.

After reading and trying to digest the four Geneva Conventions this morning and R.A. 7610, we finally had and finished Natural Law II Human Rights finals exam today. Whew! Then I remembered that we have to make a Memorandum for this make-believe rape case—you can choose if you could be the defense or prosecution---if I had my way, I wouldn’t choose any---I’d rather sit on my ass just reading blogs….but alas, life is not that kind. He He He Anyways, I wouldn’t know how to start S!#$ with this take home paper. I haven’t even attended a single rape case in court---Or any case for that matter. For a law student I know I’m pathetic. I really am. Don’t even doubt.

The one thing that makes me frown and smile at the same time is reading comments about Filipinos written by bone-heads---oh wait, them having bones? That’s too kind a description----Empty Heads is that I wonder if these people actually write consciously (using mental faculties and all? Normally I couldn’t care less about other people’s comments about Filipinos that are apparently and obviously HARRRUMPH! But just in case somebody would post a comment about this one, I’m all for it.

From a friend of mine in Myspace:

Subject: Filipinos.....*make me puke* (Art Bell)

As we've all come to notice, in the past few decades, Filipinos have begun to infest the United States like some sort of disease. Their extensive involvement in the U.S. Armed Forces is proof of the trashy kind of qualities all filipinos tend to exhibit on a regular basis.You can see this clearly by studying the attitudes and cultural Icons of most Filipino Americans.

Origins of Pinoys/Pinays: Are they really asian? Well we've come to accept the fact the filipinos come from a part of the world known as South East Asia. But the term "Asia" is used in the wrong way. You may notice that contemporary Filipino Americans try very hard to associate themselves with groups that we know as Asian.

I cannot count the number of times I have seen a 'Third World' Filipino try to connect
themselves to the chinese or Japanese people. There is no connection and here's why. The Philippines is a Third World country.

Nothing respectable has EVER been created by Filipino people during our entire human history. Young filipino men in America have become obsessed with "import racing". They have an enormously perverted affection for Japanese cars. It's a common phenomenon. In their minds, these Filipinos somehow believe that they are
asian and that it somehow connects them to Japanese people and japanese cars. They often take credit for the ingenuity of Japanese people and say how it's an "Asian thing". This term..."Asian thing" derived directly from African American
slang "black thang". "It's a black thang."

"It's an asian thang." You can see the connection. It's even funnier that, in Japan,
Filipinos are heavily discriminated against. The only Filipinos that can live successfully in Japan are the filipino prostitutes. But that's the case for most Filipino people no matter where they live in the world.

Now we've come down to this fact...and it is a fact. Nothing in Filipino Culture can be seen as Asian. They have no architectural, artistic, or cultural influence which is in ANY way, asian. Thinking of the great countries in Asia such as Japan, Korea, and China there is no way you can possibly connect the Philippine Islands.

This assault by filipino americans to connect themselves with the great peoples of North East Asia is foul and disgusting. Try visiting a young filipino's web site too. You'll see something called the "Asian IRC Ring". It has to do with the chatrooms. The most horrible thing about this is that these TRASHY people are trying to associate themselves with Asia again!! People in Asia don't act like, this at all.

What we are seeing here is the natural Filipino in it's element with full access to technology and this is how they act! You will consistently see this behavior over and over again. Another interesting thing is that these "thirdworld" people also frequent IRC chatrooms such as chinese japan and asian. They must believe that they are some how related racially or culturally to North Asians.

But it's completely WRONG! There might have been some distant contact With China and even less with Japan during World War II, but these people are actually more closely related to african americans and Mexican americans. Do the parents of these young filipinos know what's going on? Would they accept this? I believe that they would and do. This is the natural "Trash"element in filipinos manifesting itself. Nothing good has ever come from Philippines and I don't believe anything good ever will.

Recognizing your Roots (A Message to Filipinos).

To all filipino people: Please recognize your ROOTS! You come from the Third World! You country is a disgusting and filthy place. Most people there live in poverty!

Your culture has MUCH MORE SPANISH influence than chinese, and absolutely no JAPANESE influence whatsoever. People in Japan and China, do not act like you. They do not constantly talk about sex and they have a MUCH HIGHER level of
RESPECT for each other.

There is NO WAY that you can connect yourself to Asia other than location. Your culture and technological advancement does not even come CLOSE toWhat Chinese, people have done in the past and what Japanese and Korean people are doing now!

Everything you do is distinctly filipino. You cannot take credit for Japanese cars, video games, or Hentai! It's not an "asian thing" it's, an "American thing". You have no concept of concept of asian ideas or asian philosophy! Can you demonstrate how you use Confucianism or Taoism in you everyday life?? You can't. And you will NEVER be able to. I understand that you are trying to create an identity for yourselves as young people... but it is NOT related to Asia. Your Identity is Filipino.

That's all you are. Just Filipino. Think about what that means....


Seriously though, if I was anyway near comatose I would still wake up from where I’m sleeping and stand on my own two feet and blow my whistle on Art. Man, some people are so unnecessarily brave to post their opinion on the web---do they really think that no Filipino can get through this $*!#? Art must be a member of the netherworld (it doesn’t exist Art) or for that matter Brains with nothing but Bones---oh wait having bones would be too much---Empty-Heads is more like it. Art, honey WE ARE ASIANS---if that simple fact of geography doesn’t get to you I don’t know what! We’re predominantly Catholic but we have Muslims and other religious groups, including Taoists, etc. We are generally TOLERANT and yes, don’t be surprised, we are a THIRLD WORLD COUNTRY. Don’t be too surprised Art, we are not alone---it’s sad but it’s a fact of economics my boy. And if what pisses and obviously clouds you’re judgment and reasoning is that we are 3rd World----you are living in seashells my boy. Did you even learn World History? If I didn’t take Philippine Literature in College I would have dismissed this “opinion” of yours as crap---but since I’ve been educated let me say this: Art, take a look at your State (I presume you’re an American?!) and I’m quite sure there are a few Filipino professionals in your place, I suggest that you strike up a conversion with any of them.. (This is me talking down on you) Be nice, you might learn a thing or two about history, culture, the arts, literature etc. etc. etc---besides, Filipinos always feel the need to educate the ones that don’t know $#*&! We don’t condemn the man, we condemn their parents for letting loose an ignoramus on the web….BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2004


Ok, its official I’m 22 today…I don’t know, but this year I don’t feel old (like I used to feel every time my birthday comes up). I received a phone call from Russhel today (who’s birthday is tomorrow!! HAPPY B-DAY!) and she told me she felt sad and old. I don’t know but age is just a number for me now. The feeling I get on my natal day is a reflection of what state I am in emotionally (I guess) on this particular year---and this year, I’m quite okey. I have a new direction in my life (law school) and so I kinda know what I will be doing (boring! he he)and where I will be for the next four years. That’s security for my sanity.

Anyways, birthdays are always nice. People greet you and friends demand a free treat. Hmmmm, when will be the year that somebody would actually give me a surprise part? Ahay… (DREAMY STATE)

Thursday, February 26, 2004


Here I was surfing innocently when I suddenly (more like an out of body experience/pretending to be interested if I'm dateable and all---kilig) took this Dateable Test in

Result: Damn, J-Lo! You are...74%
Meaning: Dateable! Attractive and confident, witty and charming, a healthy ambrosia-based diet... You're wanted in the 48 contiguous states, you slayer. Call me. Seduce me. Make me a man (or woman.) Not only do you know how to turn a guy's (or girl's) engines on, but you also know how to oil, lube and rotate it. You put the "elation" back into "relationship," and the "night" back into "one-night stand."

Reaction: Yippeee! Somebody actually thinks I'm dateable! BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

It turns out I can't win the lottery with this one.

Check out the site:

I've been blogging for 1-3 months. I don't own a domain, but I have my own web address. I don't know what a "domain" is, therefore I don't have one. I don't have any links, I mean, why would I want people to leave my site? As far as stats go, I am amazed that someone keeps track of how many people visit my site. I don't link to, nor read, any of the standard A-list blogs (Megnut, Kottke, Robot Wisdom, etc.). In fact, I've never heard of 'em. I try to post once a day, but it doesn't always happen, and that's no big deal. I blog from either home or work, but only after my work is done and when I get some free time. Nearly all the topics I blog are personal experiences or original writing that can't be found elsewhere on the web. I might flirt a little with other bloggers, but anything beyond that is out of the question. I haven't posted, and don't plan on posting, any photos of myself on my blog. Web surveys? Oh, yeah... Hey, did I tell you about the little girl on the bike? There are a few select people I've specifically kept in the dark about my blogging but, for the most part, most people know about it or could easily find it via a web search.

This decoder sucks. I wanted to win the lottery!
By the way, the decoded code is in no way a reflection of me....the only reason why I don't have links coz I'm new with this baby...sobra naman sila! Anyway, what does your code say about you? :-p

I was surfing the net and I came across this blogger.code survey or something.
I took it and it finally gave me a code.
The damn thing didn't explain what the whole code meant.
If it turns out that I'm an idiot...I have no one to blame but the idiot that made the code. Bwahahaha!

Here it goes:

My blogger code is:
B1 d- d-- k-- s-- u-- f i o++ x- e- l-- c-

P.S. If anybody can decode this---please do so. I'm lost...wondering...Can I win the lottery with this one? He He HeHe He

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

StRiKe DaY 2dAy In iLoiLo
(What’s up with that? Economics baby! Plain and Simple)

I have a Dog
She’s a bitch named Amor.
She’s the kind that never refuses a food offering---
Her mother’s (Nike) whack at the back of her neck was too hard to go unnoticed,
Her “Father” (nobody’s sure) Puma’s growl could actually scare her midway to where the food actually is.
She’s pregnant now.
At least we think so….
Hmmmmmm, shall we all start counting puppy babies?
The countdown starts NOW!

tOp 5 tHiNgS i’D lYk 2 Do ThIs SuMmEr
1. Invite myself to somebody’s dinner party. (This is an open invite/plea.)
2. Get lost in Baguio or Benguet.
3. Get invited to Kawayan’s house/art exhibit/what-have-you (bathroom, sala, closet, studio, bundok, suitcase…ewan!)
4. Learn Japanese (to read classic Japanese lit in Japanese)/Graphic Design.
5. Learn photography from a pro.
1. This might just be possible and possibly the one thing I will actually/can do.
2. Near impossible. Unless somebody invites me. I’d leap at the chance baby!
3. (DROOLING) (GOSH!!) (SOMEBODY PINCH ME!) (LORD, PLEASE NAMAN…I’vE bEeN a VeRy GoOd GiRl AlL mY LiFe!! Hinde po ako nanunumbat lord, humihingi lang po nang pabor.)
4. Impossible. Japanese classes in Iloilo are in….huh? Graphic-desgin? Maybe.
5. By hook or by my mother’s pockets I will do this! On my own if I can.

tOp 10 ReAsOnS wHy I wOn’T LeAvE tHe pHiLiPpInEs JuSt Yet
1. Kawayan De Guia's here. (Do I actually need to explain this?)
2. Politics baby---you have more drama and twists and turns and tears and guns and goons and “trapos” than the Americans can hope for in their considerably “pale” political intrigues----with the things these people can get away with?! Damn!
3. No hiya here---the things people actually do to get their 5 minutes of fame. You can actually write a book about it and get it revised weakly--consistently and more! HAH!
4. Here’s where the punch is---the dramas in people’s lives are amazing! Every street has a character you can’t possibly miss! Every big place has political dynasty and all!
5. Characters on the Loose---Filipinos are, to say the least, never boring. Their lives are—to put it mildly---an interesting mix of hope, pain, poverty, wealth…but more than the individual stories of the people around---the inspiration and the substance is in their character. (We’re Asia’s happiest people….I think so….We were according to a study a long time ago…Can somebody confirm this?)
6. Everyone’s a publicist---including myself. Economy is a fact---not a “concept” and “IT” People are made by attending a few high profile parties…not much there.
7. Food---every region offers a diversity of cuisine---don’t wonder why none of us are ever into being a vegetarian…HORROR OF HORRORS!
8. Kris Aquino---now, now---don’t think that she’s the only character that has ever been controversial in this part of Asia…but you have to admit (don’t be shy)—she’s difficult to forget or for that matter forgive. Forgiving a woman who seems to have it all but the foresight in her lovelife? Hmmmm, I stand to be corrected.
9. Filipino Artists---it’s amazing with the kind of artists we produce…from the writers, artists, musicians and what-have-you…I’m still in awe of their talent. I’m in awe---maybe because I’m not one of them? WAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!
10. The Language---most of us are multilingual. Now please consider local “dialects” as languages. My U.P. Professor in Vernacular Lit told me that ignorance and arrogance are the only reasons why we fail to recognize that some of our dialects are actually languages in themselves. Do the Math.
11. I’m still here. There’s still hope for this country. One dollar-earner in a family is enough to keep this economy afloat. I’m an optimist and a pessimist. So I’m STAYING! Hinde ko pa na me-meet si Kawayan noh! Until then… or if he decides to leave, I’m emigrating to wherever he is….

Monday, February 23, 2004

(Being philosophical about the rain---a favorite past time)

It suddenly rained yesterday that my dog Nike, who’s scared of every natural sound on the planet and pissed at every natural man (?) and animal on the street, was scratching at the main door so hard that I couldn’t help but notice it. So I ran from my room and opened the door and there she was—a little bit soaked but obviously happy to see a familiar sight (Is this the part where I’m suppose to rave about my own beauty? Or the lack of it maybe? Nah!). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I stayed with her for a few minutes on the doorway and so we both saw Mother Nature at its best. Considering na mainit ang Pilipinas, I love it when it rains. I can just be lost in my own thoughts (or is it a form of meditation na rin? Just letting you’re mind be free. No thinking involved/meditation?) I remember (I’m sure every regular Filipino kid can relate to this) playing, walking and just plain getting soaked on the streets of what-have-you when I was young that you could almost call it bath-time when it rains---until you realized that you might have a weak pair of lungs that could kill you.

Anyway, back to Nike and me, we were both just sitting on our behinds there on the doorway---so I took off my eyeglasses and with my nearsighted/astigmatism pair of slightly-useless naked eyes I realized that as I may be trying to absorb the essence of rain-watching with my dog (bonding time) that a lot of people might be just be pissed right now. Sure rain-watching is fun—as long as you have a strong bubong and cemented walls---but I wonder if I would feel the same way if my house was a little bit less in structure? Hmmmm…I wonder? Now that’s a thought that needs no thinking-time/think-tanks involved. Just get lost in your own little town/probinsya and you’d find the answer. By the rivers of Babylon---voila! The future of Rizal in the make-shift houses that could almost be Pinoy architecture and design in its form/originality/art in its barest minimum/essentials….The day statistics tell us that things are getting better and no more need for Imeldific cover-ups everytime a swanky foreign-diplomat/world leader comes…then that’s the day I go back to my rain-watching…just soaked up with memories of the time when Nike and I were just sitting on out behinds…taking off my eyeglasses and being grateful that I can still see the rain. BWAHAHAHA!

Saturday, February 21, 2004


Nyehehehe!!!!! Here I am trying to improve the look of my template by trying to add a feature that allows readers to comment on my blog (meron ba?) when I finally found one that gives the 1-2-3’s for free! Anak ng *@#$%&^! I still don’t get it! Anyways, I’ll just spread the news about blog to my ka-friendsters and ask them later on for the drill (actually, por favor my friends in the name of blog—gawin niyo na lang template ko—I’ll send you a kiss na lang! he he). For now—wala lang.

Uuuuy! Happy Festival to all the people of Baguio! Wish I was there. Funny, I was watching the news (with my sked that’s rare) and I saw these kids freezing while dancing on the streets of Baguio. I don’t know but the sight of those poor, drenched, freezing and obviously-pissed kids amused me (at first) more than any other emotion. They look like they’re having a hell-of-a-time (literally) but still with their Baguio (or is it Benguet?) flowers intact. He he he Is this where the cliché “The show must go on”-crap sets in? He he he Wawa naman ang mga bata---but seriously though, pneumonia is not something you can laugh about---As that famous commercial boldly admits-the-Philippine-reality/fact/realidad--- “Sa Panahon Ngayon, Bawal Magkasakit.” You’d be sent out the hospitals the moment they find out you can’t afford the best baby. Hmmm, has anybody heard of umbrellas lately? He he

Oh yeah! One more thing! (It’s not exactly more…come to think about, it’s not anything!!) Special Mention na lang kunwari: I couldn’t help but notice the Senatoriables/Candidates for the next Election in the streets of Baguio….hanep, no need to go to my little town folks! Sikat na sila sa TV commercials and News-coverage pa lng…Let’s vote! Who’s the best dancer? ….Hmmmm, I wonder---anong flower kaya and nire-represent nang bawat kandidato? Is it the blooming–kind? The scented-kind? The wilting ones? Or the smelly ones? Na na na na na ---mabaho ba dito? HYUK HYUK

P.S. Sorry about the fire that razed the house of Kidlat and Kawayan De Guia. Saw it on TV--sayang...but hey! Maybe this is the Higher Being's way of saying that we all need new beginnings this year huh?! I know it sucks.
May the good spirits bless you in all four directions. Good luck on the new house. Hey, maybe the next time I drop by in Benguet it'll be finished na? Hope so
Me, Myself and I

I’m pretty much a self-aware person to say a few things about myself. But I also normally frown at the idea of “Please describe yourself”, but then again, I usually don’t have a choice.
First things first, I’m a Pisces. Now you ask, what’s importance of that? Not much. I just thought that would save me a few spaces in my blank computer screen (he he he). I’m the eldest, and so usually I get the first-hand and front-seat view of “possible consequences speech” of my parents. I’m the kind of child that always has to report of my whereabouts. I would probably be still asking for permission (and money) for the rest of my life. But then again, don’t think that I don’t have a mind of my own. I don’t shrink in expressing my views, and more often than not, my disgust.
If there’s one thing that U.P. gave me, it’s to be critical of things. One of my favorite professors in U.P. told us never to be satisfied with mediocre work--at first I though that she was referring to our production work. But since then, I’ve learned that it was a life lesson.
If I start on something, I like to finish it; if not in the most efficient way, at least in the respectable way that I can. I like things that demand my undivided attention and I don’t like waiting for anything (unless I really, really, desperately have to). If I can’t get it, I ask someone. I don’t plan to make the same mistakes as others to learn life lessons--because by then I’d be too old. I’m too young and to scared of having early life wrinkles on my forehead to be burdened by life’s tragedies.
If someone tells me to do something I’d do it. If I can’t I’d say so. I’d rather pass the job to someone who can, than see my name attached to a mediocre and embarrassing work. I think I’m brave enough to admit what I can and can’t possibly do.
But then again, I also like to test myself. I start having this internal debate with myself and I start asking, “Can I? Would I?” In doing something, what intrigues me first, is the possibility that I can. Sometimes though I do need a little bit of convincing and support—and when I say “Why the heck not?” I tend to deliver.

*This was something I wrote trying to get into a school paper or something--never heard from them again---so why waste a perfectly good sentiment? Blog na lang!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

The Voice in My Head

What's the one thing that pisses me off the moment it comes up? Oh yeah, the curtailment of my right to choose.
Good lordy, I don't want to ruin my life---so give me a break----give me the right to choose if I want to attend your party or not!...Man! It's not like I'm going to be missing anything right?

Saturday, February 14, 2004


Ok, so here I am---kagagaling sa Crim law midterms...after reading for hours on end, my stiff neck is in its peak...I was coming home and I couldn't help but notice the couples waiting outside the malls, the goddamn traffic caused by the slow driven cars (lahat ata ng kotse sa Iloilo lumabas ngayon)...and I thought 3 things are happening now and 2mrw morn:
a. Sweet nothings would rule the night,
b. Rotten roses would start smelling tomorrow and
c. Putris, wala akong date.

Give me one thing that's wrong with that list?

Anyways, heart's day/lovers/araw ng mga nagmamahalan crap ngayon...Happy Valentine's Day sa lahat na masaya and Feb.14

Special Mention: Kawayan De Guia
Ba't ko nga ba crush ang isang taong nakita ko lang sa TV at nabasa sa newspaper at MEGA? That's another blog topic for me.
Hey Moonswept/Jas! Thanks.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Obviously I've just made this blogspot...where in the beeswax have I been?
Anyways, if any of you guys know anything about changing the look of this template of mine, be free to do so...any suggestion is cool with me considering how technically or should I say graphically challenged I am..anyways, I'll post something decent next time...hope to hear from you guys soon...Ingatz!