Friday, April 02, 2004


Now tell me seriously, which one of us hasn’t seen the famous temper of Presidential candidate FPJ? Hah! Roco was right in questioning “Yan ba ang gentleman?” I wonder if GMA (the TV Station) decides to totally ignore FPJ and Loren Legarda…ala news black out on the two, can you imagine them apologizing profusely to that lady reporter? I’ll bet Loren would come down her helicopter and save her ass in a heartbeat! Talk about saving face! It’s funny that it happened in my little town of Iloilo---with our 1 million possible votes…I wonder?

Anyways, I just brought Bamboo’s latest album and Josh Groban’s latest cd as well. I’m crazy about Josh’s song My Confession…just love it! Every lady should here this from their significant other. Of all the songs from Bamboo, the choice of NOYPI as their first single is the best! The song is tight! The lyrics are great and the elements are just right. I just love hearing Bamboo singing again. Now my wish is that the group could come here in Iloilo….you might just see me screaming in the crowd….he he he


Ok, I just signed up in Bamboo’s yahoo group and made a little comment in their site. Never thought about it again until I just opened my mail…Whoa! Talk about a response! For the first time in my life I exceeded my mail limit in yahoo! Just in 4 to 5 days of being incognito on the net! (My parents were starting to complain of the many hours I use the net.) I’ll read them all people! Wait for my responses.


Every law student that takes the Bar Exams wants to see their names listed of those who passed the Bar. Today was that day for those that took the Bar last year. Out of 5,000 students about 1100+ passed. Tough!

To those who passed….CONGRATULATIONS!
REALITY CHECK: Start looking for a job! Start paying your student loans and if you’re parents are paying for everything…buy them a ticket for a cruise someday. They would call it even. Ha ha ha ha

One Complain for the Day: My whole body is killing me! After two years of not going back to the gym and practicing my whatever....I'm feeling every muscle group that I forgot existed! Bummer!

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