Wednesday, April 14, 2004

in Canada

I was watching this man trying to get down from a boat and trying to get to this baby seal on the ice and I thought, “Oh nice. He’s trying to save the baby seal,”---I thought the man was from Green Peace or some environmental group….NOT! It turns out he was in a hurry to get to the baby seal and whack it’s brains out! My jaw DROPPED! It turnd out that Canada is now allowing the hunting and capture (I’m calling this SLAUGHTER) of seals. The government there says that’s it’s not only good for their economy but for the environment as well…..seriously, who are they fooling? Bastards.


Two things made my spine tingle with the dingle this week...seeing FPJ and Imelda Marcos together in Leyte. Seeing FPJ and his group in the Marcos mausoleum gave me the creeps! Actually it was sad more than anything else. When asked if FPJ will allow the late dictator (and his ninong in marriage) to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani....all that he could say was that he couldn't possibly comment on something he didn't know the root and cause of....That was enough to make me not vote for the man.

The other man was seeing the political ad of Jinggoy Estrada with ERAP in that very appropriate barbed-wire/sympathy-crap theme they have going on.

Seriously man, even Jinggoy's smile was so artistahin.

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