Sunday, March 12, 2006

a MISunderstanding is a PERFECT excuse for a MAKE-UP KISS

wow! (a realization of some sorts)
we just had our first misunderstanding/fight/argument...
and it was interesting (not in a happy way)

i learned that i now take my time before i blurt out any complaints i have (bravo! which is good coz when i used to just blurt out my misgivings it didn't get the results nor the message across that I wanted)...

which can irritate a man and lead him to think i was furious...
or awfully mad...

i was only a little bit disappointed....

but i also learned that he can drive fast
and honk to his heart's delight...

anyway, it's all sorted out just fine...

hopefully all future misunderstandings and fights can be sorted out in this dignified manner :-p

i chose the right one after all.
thank you Lord.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

You Are 45% Addicted to Love
Might as well face it, you're addicted to love.You've been a fool for love many times - but are you the wiser for it?Your needs should come first, both in and out of relationships.Because you're the only one who can look out for yourself!
You're a Romantic Kisser
For you, kissing is all about feeling the romanceYou love to kiss under the stars or by the seaThe perfect kiss involves the perfect moodIt's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feet
You Are a Kogyaru!
If it's cute, you'll wear it. Fake and bake, hair bleach, and bright makeup line your bathroom cabinet.As for clothes - anything that's short and cute ("kawaii!").You are the prize object of all sorts of men - but you are really looking for a rich foreign guy.He'll find you out hanging out in Shibuya shopping at the 109, text messaging and sending photos over your cellphone.
Your Ideal Relationship is Serious Dating
You're not ready to go walking down the aisle.But you may be ready in a couple of years.You prefer to date one on one, with a commitment.And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility.
Your 1920's Name is:
Lelia Freda
Your Sexy Brazilian Name is:
Lisandra Fagundes
Your Power Color Is Red-Orange
At Your Highest:
You are warm, sensitive, and focused on your personal growth.
At Your Lowest:
You become defensive and critical if you feel attacked.
In Love:
You are loyal - but you demand the respect you deserve.
How You're Attractive:
You are very affectionate and inspire trust.
Your Eternal Question:
"Am I Respected?"
You Are a Chocolate Martini
You're an elegant drunk, who only likes the best bars and the most expensive drinks.A bit of a cheapskate, you're likely to mooch ten dollar drinks off both friends and strangers.
You should never: Drink and dash. You're gonna get caught leaving someone with the tab!
Your ideal party: A posh celebrity party you crash, with an open bar.
Your drinking soulmates: those with a Classic Martini personality
Your drinking rivals: those with a Blueberry Martini personality
Your Blogging Type Is Thoughtful and Considerate
You're a well liked, though underrated, blogger.You have a heart of gold, and are likely to blog for a cause.You're a peaceful blogger - no drama for you!A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others.
The Keys to Your Heart
You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.
In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.
You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.
You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.
Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.
Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.
You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.
In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.
Your Love Element Is Earth
In love, you have consistency and integrity.For you, love is all about staying grounded and centered.
You attract others with your zest for life and experiences.Your flirting style is defined by setting the scene, creating a unique moment in time.
Steady progress and stability are the cornerstones of your love life.You may take things too slowly, but you never put your heart at risk.
You connect best with: Fire
Avoid: Wood
You and another Earth element: need each other too much to build a good foundation
Everything Pizza
Diverse and adaptableYou enjoy the full buffet of lifeIt's hard to you play favorites with friends... or flavorsThere's very little that you dislike!
Your Eyes Should Be Brown
Your eyes reflect: Depth and wisdom
What's hidden behind your eyes: A tender heart
Your Love Life Secrets Are
Looking back on your life, you will have a few true loves.
You're a little scarred from your past relationships, but who isn't?
It's important to you that your lover is very attractive. You like to have someone to show off.
In fights, you are able to walk away and calm down. You are able to weather the storm.
A break-up usually comes as a shock to you. You always think things are going well.

Your French Name is:
Deja Gaillard

Your Irish Name Is...

Sinead Healy

Your Elf Name Is...

Buddy Hot Chocolate

Your Birthdate: February 27

You are a spiritual soul - a person who tries to find meaning in everything.You spend a good amount of time meditating, trying to figure out life.Helping others is also important to you. You enjoy social activities with that goal.You are very generous and giving. Yet you expect very little in return.
Your strength: Getting along with anyone and everyone
Your weakness: Needing a good amount of downtime to recharge
Your power color: Cobalt blue
Your power symbol: Dove
Your power month: September

Your Hawaiian Name is:

Palila Kamea