Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Missing Bamboo, Having Harry, Feeling the Law and Death

I was not only excited, but I was dreaming of Bamboo for a whole month since the day I learned Bamboo was dropping by here in Iloilo. I was excited about taking cool pictures of the guys and sending them in their yahoo group. I was counting the days and I was literally feeling giddy about the whole thing---but on the last minute the universe suddenly turned its wicked charms on me and decided to piss my engines off! As usual, the culprit in my life is the back breaking load in law school! Sometimes life can be cruel!

I’m still pissed about the whole thing. I really am. I’m holding on to my grudge.

PANAWAGAN SA BAMBOO: BALIK KAYO NG ILOILO ULIT!!!! ALSO, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR GIG WOULD BE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. I have classes Monday to Saturday and it all usually ends at 8 or 8:30 in the evening.

But then the universe gives you a break----this time it was buying the whole set of Harry Potter books. Ok, so I’ve seen the movies but haven’t read a single word of the book---sue me. My sister was excited about the whole thing so I joined in the hoopla. It’s not much really---I would have been excited about having the 100 world classics in my book collection but what the heck right? You have to start somewhere. Oh yeah—I started with J.R.R. Tolkien’s books already! Hee hee

Then, as I was reading the blog of Jas I learned of the death of Chico from Kapatid. So sad, he will be missed.

Anyway, I just love reading about Jas’ blogs!!!! Sa kanya lang ako humahagilap ng mga bagong balita tungkol kay Kawayan. The chances of me meeting him somewhere is nada!!!! It’s a sad fact that I will have to live with for the rest of my beautiful days---grabeh!

Tanong lang---why does God create a man that makes a girl’s heart melt and give distance between them seem unbearable? Is it karma of my past life? The wall that I will have to cross over with—the bridge I have to cross---the river I have to swim into---the mountain I have to climb---the canvass I have to start on? Even my dab on poetry sucks, cliché!

P.S. Lino Cayetano is getting cuter every time I see him on TV. May girlfriend na kaya siya? Hee heee