Friday, January 21, 2005

We tell stories of our lives---sometimes in narratives---some in anecdotes---and often hide the emotions and dramas in the nervous laughs and lame jokes we unsuccessfully make.

We also tell the story of our lives in the pictures that stack up in the little forgotten corners of our cabinets. My father one day remarked with great amusement about the hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures that document the stages of our lives. My mother said itwas because he used to ask for pictures when he was away (he’s a seaman).

But if there is something I wish the pictures could do? Capture my mother’s unabashed and unconscious sister’s emotions reflected in her eyes…my father’s smile…my dogs enthusiasm and kikay dramas…nike’s “queenly gaze”….puma’s “I’m so tired/leave me alone look”…amor’s “I’m hungry/deprivedof food for this hour look”…and bonita’s “look at meI’m cute but when I turn around I’m just a bitch”look…gosh! The pictures that could bring a rush of emotions….hope they’ll come soon!!!