Monday, June 25, 2007


The title caught my attention, "Why do I get jealous?"

The article said

When one partner sees everyone whom his or her partner comes into contact with as a potential threat, it is
a sign that jealousy has taken hold
a sign that jealousy has taken hold. Shakespeare called it "the green-eyed monster," and once it gets a hold of your relationship, it sinks its teeth in and can rip it apart.

But the part I like the best was the possible reasons why one could be jealous:

You may feel insecure about your self-worth. In these cases, either you've been raised to believe, or some part of your inner self feels, that you just don't measure up. Because you don't love yourself, you can't believe that others would love you, so you live in fear that your partner's "true" feelings will be revealed and she will leave.

let me think.... nah!!!

You're prone to cheating on your partner -- maybe even have done so. Knowing what you're capable of, you project that behavior onto your partner.

let me think... nah!!!!

You and your partner haven't yet figured out how to
establish safe boundaries within the relationship
establish safe boundaries within the relationship. Having a tight bond is about building walls around your love with windows that allow others to be part of it -- not doors where competing lovers can walk right in and disrupt your home. Because you don't know what's permissible within the relationship and what's not, you're constantly on your toes.

let me think... nah!!!

Your mate is cheating on you. Cheating doesn't have to include sex; it often has to do with making emotional connections to others outside the relationship. If your partner is sharing things about your private life with attractive members of the opposite sex, it robs a sense of intimacy from your relationship and leaves you feeling vulnerable.

let me think... emotional connections of the past? or present?
hmmmm.... nah!

so why am i jealous?
because i see my partner as the one that will calm my irrational fears.
after this, i sayeth naught.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

puma and amor


talked to my lil sis yesterday and she mentioned that my dearest par eksalans AMOR is "fat fat daw", so i asked her to send me some pics of the dogggies



sniff sniff

my babies are getting older and i'm not there to take their pics
miss them so...
one of and probably the only reason why i accepted sen's offer to go home...
not so much for the wedding, but for the babies


i used to be a calculating woman, the one that tends to reason out, concoct things out of my imagination, imagine faults...but with you

my friends use to say after the failure of the first one




thanks hon

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


nothing seems to go right right these days...
from your bf to your readings to the weather...
a friend's shout-out in her friendster says it all, "life's a bitch. period."

weekend news:
watched Ocean's 13 with
  • BEN

  • hmmm,
    the boylet called and mentioned about having a joint blog account...hmmm if only my drama about being hurt of him having those belats in his friendster were actually heeded, i would have, and still gladly join, not so much

    This blog is supposed to be for the new one....but then again, i decided otherwise after seeing his account....kainis!!!!


    * You know you've moved on when any news of your ex, which usually elicits an emotional response from you, does nothing to your senses.

    * Appreciation of the other sex is fine. As long as no action is elicited from you. For ex. no invites in your friendster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    * You're never too jaded.

    *Remnants of childhood fears, insecurities and joys re surface in the most inoportune time and/or delightful ways.

    * Music makes me happy.

    * Ice cream makes me really happy.

    * The sound of my mother and sister's voice brings me immeasurable joy.

    * I miss my dogs. waaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    * I don't feel the need to prove myself to my bf. I'd figured that one's bf, not particularly referring to my current, should be there to calm your irrational fears. Discussed or not. If the hints don't follow through, then why bother? I'd just be myself. If you disapprove, I won't argue, as I would have normally done in the past---just leave. But walk away with dignity, preferably.
    The latter is your partner's choice. Not yours to ask, beg or expect. It measures of him as a man, not of me as a woman.

    * Local radios are interesting here in mla. particularly the "boys night out" with DJ Logan. Fun!!!

    * I can walk father, not just literally, than I could or would have in the past. Maturing? hmmmm....

    * Friends are essential, bothersome and such joys in one heap.

    * I've confirmed that I'm an optimist, not a stoic.

    * I can curb my tongue.....sometimes. Trying.

    * Never think or yourself or your partner as irreplaceable. There are a lot of fishes in the ocean.

    * When value is questioned in a relationship, it's not your duty to reason or argue things out. Either he gets it or not. Period.

    * My art appreciation grows more each day, and my obsession in one growing.

    * I miss riding on bikes.

    * I want to get lost somewhere with just my camera with me. I'll do this with my sis when I get back I suppose.

    * I want to learn.

    * The rain makes me happy and the heat makes me cranky.

    * A glance can catch you in surprise of wanting to acknowledge one, but you don't.

    * That praying makes me calm.

    * That life has unexpected joys.

    * People watching teaches you about your bigotry, values and sentiments.

    * Saying "no", sometimes means, "I'll consider it."

    * Saying "yes", sometimes means regret.

    * White lies, intentional or not, especially omitted truths, when caught, makes me re-evaluate my relationship with you.

    * Friendship can begin in unexpected ways.

    * A smile can make a WHOLE lot of difference to bridge regional and language barriers.

    * I know for a fact, that I'll always have a dog in my life, in my future children's lives, but nothing can replace AMOR'S balakang.

    * Feeding me is a sure fire way of making me happy. Ice creams and desserts make happy.

    * An answer which doesn't answer a question, well just raises my voice an octave higher than the usual.

    * Saying "that's enough", is enough.

    * Jealousy, even if thought of as a controlled emotion, is never controlled.


    Kawayan de Guia's photo exhibit with his brotheras..haaaaaaay, if i only i can drag someone to go with me...hmmmm, jas? hahaha