Monday, August 15, 2005

musings of a self-confessed insecure, cranky beyotch

when the one person that used to be the center of your insecurity happen to be by chance a constant presence in your
life now..what do you do? especially when you realize that she's nothing...not in a sarcastic or profound way---but that you
realize that you just wasted your emotions on someone that shouldn't have matttered in the first self-worth
always learned the hard way? if it is, life sucks.
when your partner loses his interest in appeasing your insecure little self...what do you do?
do you create a barrier? think of situations of his infidelity? or just don't give a shit?
if he calls...he calls
if he makes known his presence...nag him to death?
there is truth in the saying "single blessedness" after all
when you're the dominant spirit in a relationship and your partner starts to question you
or defy or contradict you just to make his point )that you won't always have your way) what do you do?
be content with yourself
with or without a the diva!!!!
say nyo?