Sunday, April 25, 2004

ANSWER BRIEFLY: Who/What comes to your mind when these things are mentioned?

Mornings: Time for Sleep
Lunch: Food
Afternoons: Time to hit the books and a Nap wouldn’t hurt either
Evenings: School…if not, TV or the Net
Mall: Eating and Shopping
Movie: Sitting still for an hour or two, maybe three
America: New York
Britain: Royalty
France: Sexy French accents
Africa: Wild life
Philippines: The Heat
Japan: History and Culture
Baguio: Kawayan De Guia (Obvious ba?!)
Arcade: Noises and Boys
Restos: My kind of thing..…pure pleasure…slurps!
Carparks: Mainit ang Pilipinas
Music: Emote
MTV: Cribs and oh yeah, music videos
Cars: My dream car: Hummer
Pop Stars: Glitters and Dance Moves that have no connection with the lyrics or the rhythm of the song
Rockers: Interesting---how after singing their heads off, they actually have depth in their points of view….you can actually have life-lessons learned with these guys (not just about sex and drugs really); they have causes they are concerned and fighting for---from AIDS in Africa to helping refugees etc. etc. etc.
Chocolate: Pure pleasure plus my Pop
Vinci: the artist? Hee heee
Beer: My drunkard friends….nah!
Cream Puffs: :)
Angelina Jolie: Tsk Tsk some people have it all…beauty, body and brains
Britney Spears: Amazed how lip-synching can get one millions and millions plus a faked pair of boobs…jeez!
Blue: Sky (duh?!) The Boy Band? Hyuck!
Green: Veggies and Plants
Yellow: My bed sheets
Orange: Box?
Hate: Pretty much everyone….nah!
Love: Books and K.

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