Sunday, April 25, 2004


My father left today to work abroad, and only after saying my goodbyes on the phone that I noticed my family members kept saying “Happy Trip.” I don’t know, but reflecting on that made me think if that’s exactly what we mean when a loved one leaves us other than for vacation. Are they really happy? Just a thought.


It seems that the CBS special showing pictures of Princess Diana’s last moments in that Paris car crash is causing more pain and controversy than the network thought. They justified the pictures as not being graphic or anything offensive. I don’t know. I’m a huge fan of Diana and God knows how many hours of documentaries, books and articles I have read and collected through the years---either in life or in death of Diana. A part of me wants to see the pictures –maybe because Diana has been so photographed in her life that I want to see that part of her life where not much pictures were seen. But my father’s reaction to the published pictures made me think twice. He thought that it was of poor taste. If Diana did not have peace because of the media surrounding her all the time---the least we should do now is to provide her that in death. At least in death, the privacy she so craved in life could be hers. But then again, that may not be honored now.

Another controversy about pictures this week was the pictures of dead American soldiers in Iraq. The Administration of Bush are afraid and are quite correct that in showing these pictures all that the people could think about is comparing it with the Vietnam War. This proves to say that wars are never right. Maybe now Americans can rethink their position on key global issues. Diplomacy maybe tricky----but have you ever heard anyone die from talking and negotiating? I haven’t. Maybe Bush can figure that one out----but then again, maybe not.


I say a documentary by Michael Davie a few years (?) ago about honor killings in Pakistan and today it was replayed again in National Geographic. The first time I saw it I was shocked and I saw the whole thing from beginning to end. For the second time today I saw it again and still, my reaction is the same.

About 7:30 or so tonight I saw it again----same topic---honor killings in Pakistan----but this time in a documentary in Star Asia.

My take on this is simple: There is no honor in killing your wife, or your daughter or your sister. You don’t become more or less of a man. You simply become a murderer, plain and simple.

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