Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Hah! Two days of no class because of the nation wide strike
against oil price hikes and all I can think about is Civil Procedure and Administrative law! The latter I can handle, but the former…well, so far I find it boring as hell. I’m readingwithout any tinge of emotion on this subject. My teacher
in Legal Counseling tells us that Civil Procedure IS boring, and that you only get to appreciate it when you get to practice law. Well that really didn’t help me at all. Haay!!!

My current state of emotion is also draining my romantic
energies. My ex (that’s what I call my current boo) asked me a very---shall we say---“malaman” na tanong last night. I told him that it was almost celestial. But I got his point. He didn’t with mine. Haay!!!

School is ordinary…love life is….home is better.
My doggies keep me company…at least
I have something to be happy about….Haaay!!!!



(P.S. Any news on Kawayan people?
On Lino Cayetano maybe? On you??!!!???)

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