Thursday, November 18, 2004

After an exhausting first semester of my second year in law school…ngayon ko lang talaga na feel na I’m a law student…Not that I was slacking in my freshman year but the saying that your second year is the toughest “daw” is quite true. Maybe I’d change my own opinion when I reach the next level. Anyway, I haven’t blog in ages!!! I miss this…Most of the time I write about the most mundane things but what the heck…this blog was meant as a pleasant diversion in my boring life…

So many things have happened!!! As usual my dearest Kawayan is getting more and more press coverage and if you check out the chatrooms of Pinoys…a lot of girls are screaming for info on the guy…Sure, there’s without a doubt that the first thing that attracted me to the guy was his striking good looks…but after awhile good looks doesn’t quite cut it for me anymore….I have a standing admiration for all artists in general (writers, painters, photographers, etc) and once you get to know what kind of art Kawayan De Guia does…well, it starts to be interesting….to say the least, his being a Buddhist is reflective in almost all his works being highlighted in the Art exhibits and contests he joins in… I don’t quite understand it…perhaps because pictures on the net don’t do justice on his works…I have yet to see one or any of his works in person…punta kaya siya ditto sa Iloilo??? (wink wink heee heeee Kilig factor to the Max).

Anyway, what’s new---what’s new? Gutsy Tuason just published a new book called Bahura if I’m not mistaken. It means coral reefs I think. He looks older but happy with Amanda in his interview with F. Haaay!!!

Wish for the day: Punta ng Baguio….Haaay…will anyone invite me please? A free trip and all wouldn’t hurt..I won’t complain..I promise..heee heee (wink wink)

(P.S. Make this my life’s wish...ever)

My babies are getting cuter everyday...Puma lost a lot of weight...I'll post pics next time...they're just the cutest bunch!!! Hay, I'm a certified dog lover and I'm proud of it!!!

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