Thursday, October 14, 2004

WHAT in your closet that you treasure most?
-perfect fititng jeans that makes you wanna dance?
-i'm coming out you bring anywhere with you?
-phone and money you do first upon waking up?
- check out the time

...time do you usually go to sleep?
-around midnyt the scariest movie ever?

...makes you tremble/weak on the knees?
--fever? the anticipation of a great kiss? scary movies..

...type of clothes do you like wearing?
-jeans and black tops

...part of your body do you adore?
-nada---oh wait, my mouth????

...have you done to pamper yourself lately?
-wah your sleepwear?
-pajamas, old shirts, my sis' shorts you want to add up to your room?
-space, lots of it...plasma tv, more books, framed photographs, etc.

...would you rather have -coffee or iced tea?
-iced-tea, better yet--some chocolate please your best trait?
-my sarcasm and unbridled tongue

...would you rather do -go out or sleep?
-go out!! i've gotten fat because of sleeping too much

...would you rather engage yourself into-basketball or scuba diving?
-scuba diving (that is if I can get over my fear of going underwater) a romantic date for you?
-don't know...that's my bf's problem

...brings you to tears?
-frustration, anger, loss, myself? you think of long-distance love affair?
-it works for some people

...was the last movie you watched in the theater?
-feng shui you prefer- jeans or skirt?
-jeans you do -jog or swim?
-jog (ages ago) would you rather have?
-Mrs. Kawayan de Guia? (please lord..i wish!)...Mrs. Lino Cayetano? (wink wink)...or maybe Kenshin or another German sounding name like mine

...makes you lose your temper?
-myself and others are you craving for lately?
-good old Pinoy food baby!

...the world needs now?

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