Tuesday, February 24, 2004

StRiKe DaY 2dAy In iLoiLo
(What’s up with that? Economics baby! Plain and Simple)

I have a Dog
She’s a bitch named Amor.
She’s the kind that never refuses a food offering---
Her mother’s (Nike) whack at the back of her neck was too hard to go unnoticed,
Her “Father” (nobody’s sure) Puma’s growl could actually scare her midway to where the food actually is.
She’s pregnant now.
At least we think so….
Hmmmmmm, shall we all start counting puppy babies?
The countdown starts NOW!

tOp 5 tHiNgS i’D lYk 2 Do ThIs SuMmEr
1. Invite myself to somebody’s dinner party. (This is an open invite/plea.)
2. Get lost in Baguio or Benguet.
3. Get invited to Kawayan’s house/art exhibit/what-have-you (bathroom, sala, closet, studio, bundok, suitcase…ewan!)
4. Learn Japanese (to read classic Japanese lit in Japanese)/Graphic Design.
5. Learn photography from a pro.
1. This might just be possible and possibly the one thing I will actually/can do.
2. Near impossible. Unless somebody invites me. I’d leap at the chance baby!
3. (DROOLING) (GOSH!!) (SOMEBODY PINCH ME!) (LORD, PLEASE NAMAN…I’vE bEeN a VeRy GoOd GiRl AlL mY LiFe!! Hinde po ako nanunumbat lord, humihingi lang po nang pabor.)
4. Impossible. Japanese classes in Iloilo are in….huh? Graphic-desgin? Maybe.
5. By hook or by my mother’s pockets I will do this! On my own if I can.

tOp 10 ReAsOnS wHy I wOn’T LeAvE tHe pHiLiPpInEs JuSt Yet
1. Kawayan De Guia's here. (Do I actually need to explain this?)
2. Politics baby---you have more drama and twists and turns and tears and guns and goons and “trapos” than the Americans can hope for in their considerably “pale” political intrigues----with the things these people can get away with?! Damn!
3. No hiya here---the things people actually do to get their 5 minutes of fame. You can actually write a book about it and get it revised weakly--consistently and more! HAH!
4. Here’s where the punch is---the dramas in people’s lives are amazing! Every street has a character you can’t possibly miss! Every big place has political dynasty and all!
5. Characters on the Loose---Filipinos are, to say the least, never boring. Their lives are—to put it mildly---an interesting mix of hope, pain, poverty, wealth…but more than the individual stories of the people around---the inspiration and the substance is in their character. (We’re Asia’s happiest people….I think so….We were according to a study a long time ago…Can somebody confirm this?)
6. Everyone’s a publicist---including myself. Economy is a fact---not a “concept” and “IT” People are made by attending a few high profile parties…not much there.
7. Food---every region offers a diversity of cuisine---don’t wonder why none of us are ever into being a vegetarian…HORROR OF HORRORS!
8. Kris Aquino---now, now---don’t think that she’s the only character that has ever been controversial in this part of Asia…but you have to admit (don’t be shy)—she’s difficult to forget or for that matter forgive. Forgiving a woman who seems to have it all but the foresight in her lovelife? Hmmmm, I stand to be corrected.
9. Filipino Artists---it’s amazing with the kind of artists we produce…from the writers, artists, musicians and what-have-you…I’m still in awe of their talent. I’m in awe---maybe because I’m not one of them? WAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!
10. The Language---most of us are multilingual. Now please consider local “dialects” as languages. My U.P. Professor in Vernacular Lit told me that ignorance and arrogance are the only reasons why we fail to recognize that some of our dialects are actually languages in themselves. Do the Math.
11. I’m still here. There’s still hope for this country. One dollar-earner in a family is enough to keep this economy afloat. I’m an optimist and a pessimist. So I’m STAYING! Hinde ko pa na me-meet si Kawayan noh! Until then… or if he decides to leave, I’m emigrating to wherever he is….

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