Friday, February 27, 2004


Ok, its official I’m 22 today…I don’t know, but this year I don’t feel old (like I used to feel every time my birthday comes up). I received a phone call from Russhel today (who’s birthday is tomorrow!! HAPPY B-DAY!) and she told me she felt sad and old. I don’t know but age is just a number for me now. The feeling I get on my natal day is a reflection of what state I am in emotionally (I guess) on this particular year---and this year, I’m quite okey. I have a new direction in my life (law school) and so I kinda know what I will be doing (boring! he he)and where I will be for the next four years. That’s security for my sanity.

Anyways, birthdays are always nice. People greet you and friends demand a free treat. Hmmmm, when will be the year that somebody would actually give me a surprise part? Ahay… (DREAMY STATE)

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