Saturday, February 14, 2004


Ok, so here I am---kagagaling sa Crim law midterms...after reading for hours on end, my stiff neck is in its peak...I was coming home and I couldn't help but notice the couples waiting outside the malls, the goddamn traffic caused by the slow driven cars (lahat ata ng kotse sa Iloilo lumabas ngayon)...and I thought 3 things are happening now and 2mrw morn:
a. Sweet nothings would rule the night,
b. Rotten roses would start smelling tomorrow and
c. Putris, wala akong date.

Give me one thing that's wrong with that list?

Anyways, heart's day/lovers/araw ng mga nagmamahalan crap ngayon...Happy Valentine's Day sa lahat na masaya and Feb.14

Special Mention: Kawayan De Guia
Ba't ko nga ba crush ang isang taong nakita ko lang sa TV at nabasa sa newspaper at MEGA? That's another blog topic for me.
Hey Moonswept/Jas! Thanks.

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