Saturday, February 21, 2004


Nyehehehe!!!!! Here I am trying to improve the look of my template by trying to add a feature that allows readers to comment on my blog (meron ba?) when I finally found one that gives the 1-2-3’s for free! Anak ng *@#$%&^! I still don’t get it! Anyways, I’ll just spread the news about blog to my ka-friendsters and ask them later on for the drill (actually, por favor my friends in the name of blog—gawin niyo na lang template ko—I’ll send you a kiss na lang! he he). For now—wala lang.

Uuuuy! Happy Festival to all the people of Baguio! Wish I was there. Funny, I was watching the news (with my sked that’s rare) and I saw these kids freezing while dancing on the streets of Baguio. I don’t know but the sight of those poor, drenched, freezing and obviously-pissed kids amused me (at first) more than any other emotion. They look like they’re having a hell-of-a-time (literally) but still with their Baguio (or is it Benguet?) flowers intact. He he he Is this where the cliché “The show must go on”-crap sets in? He he he Wawa naman ang mga bata---but seriously though, pneumonia is not something you can laugh about---As that famous commercial boldly admits-the-Philippine-reality/fact/realidad--- “Sa Panahon Ngayon, Bawal Magkasakit.” You’d be sent out the hospitals the moment they find out you can’t afford the best baby. Hmmm, has anybody heard of umbrellas lately? He he

Oh yeah! One more thing! (It’s not exactly more…come to think about, it’s not anything!!) Special Mention na lang kunwari: I couldn’t help but notice the Senatoriables/Candidates for the next Election in the streets of Baguio….hanep, no need to go to my little town folks! Sikat na sila sa TV commercials and News-coverage pa lng…Let’s vote! Who’s the best dancer? ….Hmmmm, I wonder---anong flower kaya and nire-represent nang bawat kandidato? Is it the blooming–kind? The scented-kind? The wilting ones? Or the smelly ones? Na na na na na ---mabaho ba dito? HYUK HYUK

P.S. Sorry about the fire that razed the house of Kidlat and Kawayan De Guia. Saw it on TV--sayang...but hey! Maybe this is the Higher Being's way of saying that we all need new beginnings this year huh?! I know it sucks.
May the good spirits bless you in all four directions. Good luck on the new house. Hey, maybe the next time I drop by in Benguet it'll be finished na? Hope so

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