Saturday, February 21, 2004

Me, Myself and I

I’m pretty much a self-aware person to say a few things about myself. But I also normally frown at the idea of “Please describe yourself”, but then again, I usually don’t have a choice.
First things first, I’m a Pisces. Now you ask, what’s importance of that? Not much. I just thought that would save me a few spaces in my blank computer screen (he he he). I’m the eldest, and so usually I get the first-hand and front-seat view of “possible consequences speech” of my parents. I’m the kind of child that always has to report of my whereabouts. I would probably be still asking for permission (and money) for the rest of my life. But then again, don’t think that I don’t have a mind of my own. I don’t shrink in expressing my views, and more often than not, my disgust.
If there’s one thing that U.P. gave me, it’s to be critical of things. One of my favorite professors in U.P. told us never to be satisfied with mediocre work--at first I though that she was referring to our production work. But since then, I’ve learned that it was a life lesson.
If I start on something, I like to finish it; if not in the most efficient way, at least in the respectable way that I can. I like things that demand my undivided attention and I don’t like waiting for anything (unless I really, really, desperately have to). If I can’t get it, I ask someone. I don’t plan to make the same mistakes as others to learn life lessons--because by then I’d be too old. I’m too young and to scared of having early life wrinkles on my forehead to be burdened by life’s tragedies.
If someone tells me to do something I’d do it. If I can’t I’d say so. I’d rather pass the job to someone who can, than see my name attached to a mediocre and embarrassing work. I think I’m brave enough to admit what I can and can’t possibly do.
But then again, I also like to test myself. I start having this internal debate with myself and I start asking, “Can I? Would I?” In doing something, what intrigues me first, is the possibility that I can. Sometimes though I do need a little bit of convincing and support—and when I say “Why the heck not?” I tend to deliver.

*This was something I wrote trying to get into a school paper or something--never heard from them again---so why waste a perfectly good sentiment? Blog na lang!

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