Wednesday, September 29, 2004

now that i have someone to share a part of my life with i realize a few things:
1. your friends either approve of you or they give you a pained expression (luckily i belong to the former)
2. my sarcasm is now in full force...a spice of life
3. i sometimes play with my bf's emotions...childish? sure...but sometimes i do it just for the heck of is more interesting that way...our late night conversations now have a topic to focus on
4. my friends are getting bitchier (i know, the word doesn't exist...somebody sue Mr. Webster please)....but when you're surrounded by young, ambitious, would-be lawyer get to ask yourself this question---"are they a reflection of me?"----hell, yeah!!!
5. one of the joys of blogging is when you're friends start to blog too....she doesn't only seem funny when i'm with her...but she really is!!! check out PrettyCrabbyLucy....she's hilarious!!!
6. and finally, i'm feeling law school these days...the pains...the joys...and the curses...i'm definitely "in"

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