Friday, May 14, 2004

eLeKsYoN nG pInAs

May 10, 2004: Election Day today, and after voting without a hassle, I just realized how little I know of the personalities that are involved in the local government. I didn’t recognize a soul! The idiot that I am, I voted with these in mind: I voted for the women, the ones who have familiar nicknames and just for the heck of it---the ones with “pretty names.” I consoled myself with the idea that I voted wisely in the national level. My mother voted for GMA and I voted for Raul Roco. My mother tells me, jokingly, that I really shouldn’t vote for Roco because he’s a no-win-kind-of-a-candidate. The man doesn’t stand a chance. You have to vote for GMA. (The rationality with that statement is that if Roco can’t win---because of GMA and FPJ---you better vote for GMA just in case, to counter the votes for FPJ). My answer was simple: Conscience Vote.

tHe UsUaL: tHe DeAd ArE aLiVe AnD tHe LiViNg DiEs

Usual complaints and problems pop up every election time in the Philippines: Missing Names in the Registered Voters List, Poll Watchers Shouting “Daya!”, Flying Voters, Money Exchanging Hands…etc! But more than the usual complaints, we now have people arguing about exit polls and surveys---whether or not they’re the real deal. If I have my way---I’d get rid of the whole thing! It confuses people and creates the mindset that this or that candidate is the “sure” winner. C’mon!?!?! People need to think for their own for a change. At least in the local levels, you can see that people are changing their usual liking for artistas---being a movie star no longer guarantees an election win.

May 14, 2004: InDiA aNd ThE pHiLiPpInEs

As we were having the usual drama of election time here in the Philippines---India was also having its election. What struck me was that India held its elections using a computerized system of voting. Within a few hours people knew which candidates or for that matter, which party was winning. Resignations were on hand and the country moved on with a new government in tow. No drama (meaning: No violence and complaints). No fuss.

Now if we had a computerized system in the Philippines, there wouldn’t be any need for exit polls, Namfrel, surveys, election violence, and dramas.

But then again, some things happen only in the Philippines. We would never know unless we’ve had a computerized system.

But if we did, how can the bad man cheat? Who would need the guns and goons? Ahahahay.

BuSh aNd PiCs

Bush is having a hard time these days. A lot of criticisms on the way the Americans are handling Iraqui prisoners in Iraq. Those pictures were disgusting. But was I surprised? Nope. America may always have the need to put itself in a “holier than thou” position in the world today but seriously, it doesn’t have the most clean and clear reputation for human rights. It would be the first to condemn the others but the last to acknowledge its own. A lot of wrong things can happen in a war. But the idea that this kind of behavior is not reflective of what America stands for? C’mon! It’s a tactic that has been used for ages! But to be fair, it doesn’t happen with America alone. History can tell you as much.

The other thing that blows my mind away is the idea that this couldn’t have happened if the soldiers could have been taught the Geneva Conventions. That this could somehow lessen the crime committed and be understandable was B.S.! You don’t need to read the Geneva Conventions that torturing and putting prisoners in those positions were wrong! If you still need to be told that---then there’s something really wrong with people these days. Basic human compassion and right conscience can tell you that---that is, if you had one in the first place.

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