Thursday, June 10, 2004


I find it interesting that I seem to be living in such interesting, momentous and historical times. It’s not that I have any role in any of it happening (or not)—but as a spectator and a speck that belongs in what we call humanity….well, it’s interesting.

Take for instance this transit of Venus that apparently happens once every hundred years or so---I wanted to watch it but my Mother warned me not to look directly at sunlight---which I would have to do if I wanted to see the darn thing! But considering that I could barely look straight with my nearsighted pair of barely-there-eyes---well, this I got to see on TV! Ahahay.

Well anyway, I was on a shopping mall the other day because I wanted a different set of frames for my eyeglasses and you know what I came across with? (Don’t hold your breath---it wasn’t that momentous. Or for that matter historical) There was a sale! And legions of Ilonggos were there to burn some calories, spend their fortune and haggle.

But take this into perspective: when you’re surrounded by so many people of different ages, sexual orientation and sizes---you’re bound to be people-watching; from Moms that speak English with their kids trying to keep up (or should I say—understand at all?!?) to boyfriends taking deep breaths in frustration and God-knows what from waiting for their girlfriends to get out of the fitting room. Whew! Some expressions are priceless, I tell you!


This election was the first time I ever voted. (I missed my first chance to do so a few years ago) and naturally, I wanted to see who won the not-exactly-envied position of the
President and the Vice President. Well now, it seems that I can do a lot of things before I know or by then, care to know—who won that is.

Take a deep breath…take a swim…view the beauty of the sea world…..etc….etc….etc...apparently, I can do a lot of things before I would know who won.

Something tells me that by the time Kingdom Come and Doomsday arrives…I would have done a lot more than debate this S&*! For Hours on end. Ahahay!


I have to this to say of our newly-eleected Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago ----------YIPPEEE!!!! Even if I don’t always agree with her, I just find her fascinating.

If only half of the personalities in Philippine politics could be just like her...we would have something to actually think about and watch on end! Haay.

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