Tuesday, May 22, 2007

There are a lot of things I get on the mail...from "lawyers" out of Africa asking me if I.m a relative of another Fernandez seaman who would want me to open up an account and share the "loot" as I call it... but this one made me laugh.

I am valentina, I am from Russia. I am dreaming to find my destiny in a
real man whom I can rely on and trust. Please, let me know if you're
interested in getting to know me better:

Reminded me of my gradeschool days when I had to wait for the teacher to finish with the class attendance...first the girls names... I'm never on that list...So when every girl in class is out, I'm still in the room with the boys; waiting for my name to be called---then the teacher remarks, "Ay, girl ka pala?!" Uh-huh!

Hmmm...school sucked last week....I thought I had enough books to cover international law, considering the head of the Bar Exams this year is an expert in Int'l. Law and Consti Law (FYI: You need to study that more than the others for POLI), then we had to have Dean Magallona for our bar reviewer...

In short, malalim po ang coverage ng international law nya. WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!
Sniff SNiff

My remedy? Buy his very thick book and actually read it cover to cover.
One more book added on my list of books to burn when I get home. (joke!)

Watched Fractured with
  • BEN

  • Now I know Double Jeopardy. hahaha

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