Friday, April 27, 2007

After a few crying sessions on the phone and "teary days" shared with the girls, life in Diliman seems bearable. I no longer cry, sniff or blow my nose. hahahaha

If only I had someone to go to movies with on some days or even to Baclaran man lang or some other churches. Hmmmmm (Sino kaya ang lokong pwede? hahahaha)

It's true what they say about bar reviewees, they become more religious than they've ever been in their life when their reviewing.

The routine of the day is this:
Review: starts either at 9am or 12 noon until 4pm or 7:30 or 8:30
Sundays are free!!! Thank God! And some days in any given month.

Stilll thinking about going home on July....might not.
But then again, A.M. may never call me again.

But he'll be here June. So we'll see.

In a few days I\ll change my template. Again, no promises.
After Ben commenting about my red-colored texts against my green background...well, it IS pathetic. hahaha

It's raining outside.
Would have been great to eat ice cream with him.

I can only hope. hehehehe

For now, a smile from a stranger will do,
or an unexpected text or
a call from a friend.

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