Sunday, April 29, 2007

saw this in did's blog...

reading on hours on end seems to have taken their toll on me...i'm starting to feel sick of looking at the same faces and staying in the same room every single day....something tells me I'll be blogging more than I ever did, now that my life is so regimented. haaaay...

wanted to watch a movie, but my roommate is intent on topnotching the bar hehehehe
so i'm left with the feeling of wanting to pull my hair hehehe
hopefully i'll find one of the girls in a better mood for outside entertainment....

been wanting to jog around, considering this is U.P.D. where jogging is an obsession for some...if only i had the drive to have my fat ass running around and sweating like hell...hmmmm, living on the fourth floor of Kalinaw, walking a short distance everyday and staying on the fourth floor for review seems to suffice as my "exercise" around here....

read in a newspaper about a bunch of kids wanting to educate the electorate hmmmm

anyway, sen's having his fun day today, company summer outing
la lang

i'm just hungry

these made me smile:

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aCey said...

that drinking kitty is cute! hmm. interesting, the visual dna.