Monday, October 16, 2006

it's been ages since i've last blog....most of the time i'm busy pretending to be a studious and consciencious student that i'm not....and the other times too busy being around my bf...not lately though...but that's alright

had the weirdest dream last night...
i was with my law school barkada suddenly found myself holding hands and smacking with a was raining and he was kinda my bf for the night...weird

also weird is the fact that i had my first int'l. phone spat (of the least gravity i assure you) with my boyfriend....suplado bi mo


it was all his fault :-p
...i'm sure he'd deny...again...

but honey...
d bla sala mo man gd coz you had a short fuse?
(my halo spinning)

miss you na!!!!

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