Friday, July 07, 2006

so many things to be greatful for in life....even with the hectic sched in school...sometimes i catch myself drifting...not turning a page coz my mind's wandering already...then i check the net...i read how other's update their blogs and i see the beautiful pics they take (like jas and her personal voyages)....and i wonder what the hell i'm doing burying my nose on a thousand page law book....then the day ends and i wait up for my boyfriend...and then i see why god has been good to last relationship ended badly...i suppose all loves end in a bad way but mine was particularly hard....i'm still reeling sometimes and i wonder if sen will do the same....but then i see him...and i see all the reasons why my first one didn't work out...i wasn't dating a man... i was dating a little boy trapped in 28-year-old body

i'm happy now....i wake up and i think of sen...always the first thing i think about...i miss him when i'm not with mind drifts and then i remember our talks....the pics we take...the books we read...the movies we're about to see...the restos were gonna hit...and i'm happy

six months
six wonderful months
3 lover's quarrels
one crying session
two scary rides
life is good

happy monthsary honey!!!
(July 5, 2006)

....and always


jas said...

the "beautiful pictures" are courtesy of jordis, my handy celfone :)

and yes life's still good even if at times you feel like you're stuck in a plateau when all you want to do is just move up but for some reason you cannot.

ewan. sana i made sense. hehe.

Anonymous said...


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