Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the birth of nike's pups came as a complete surprise
when my sister kept insisting that nike looked like she was pregnant again,
i dismissed it as another pseudo-pregnancy again

but a week ago, ma excitedly phoned me and announced that
nike indeed, gave birth to four healthy, viable pups

so the next question was, "who's the father?"

no doubt,
a native son of a witch shagged nike
and to boot, it was our helper boy's bastard from a witch-mother that did it

tsk tsk

i asked nike, "who's going to feed your pups?"
and as if she understood, she bowed her head
in embarrassment

tsk tsk

but all is forgiven, especially since the pups turned out cuter
than we expected them to be
(more pics soon)


El PresiBENte said...

New blog address: http://hdtvfan.blogspot.com/

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