Tuesday, August 26, 2008

whew! finally remembered by password in blogger!! hee hee

after weeks on end, maybe months since i last posted i've finally made one today.....sort of....

wedding preps are slowly, but surely getting along....the invitations will probably be given out by the 2nd week of sept (hopefully)

the caterers, cakes, photographers, and videographers are booked....the tickets bought na

little details are still being discussed: host, entertainment during the reception, stuff....

anyway, just got back from a quick bakasyon with xtian and che and hubby-to-be

went to macau and hk for four days....macau was fun and exciting
went to the usuals, venetian hotel, grand lisboa, macau tower, fisherman's wharf, maritime museum, ah ma temple.....

hk disneyland was ok (was expecting big rides, but alas, only for kiddies)......mong kok night market was ok, the prices are unreasonable so only bought a few pasalubongs

bought a few books....at least now my collection of joostein garner books are almost completed....just finished orange girl (sweet), through the glass, darkly (sad) and now i'm reading the ringmaster's daughter (something am is interested to read after me)

now: working

more pics to be posted soon ;-p

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