Saturday, January 06, 2007


I had the best year---so far---and many would probably agree with theirs…or not (tap on the shoulder).

The year started right with me last year, on the 5th of January 2006 I said yes to a man whose presence in my life has been a joy and a great blessing. (But more of that later hee hee)

Let’s see, where should I start?

OCT-NOV. 2005: Ok, it started with a night out after a terrible ordeal/emotional rollercoaster shit with my ex. Sheen and I decided to go out and have some fun---mostly I wanted the booze to drown in my sorrows. Met up with friends and suddenly a big guy comes up and takes a seat on our table! It turned out to be a guy named A.M.---the one Sheen has been texting to pick us up, but politely refused because he was “working” (I thought then---yeah right! Who works until 9 in the evening???!!! But I know better now----he DOES work until 9 sometimes later than that). Anyway, the only conversation we had that night was, me asking him “Is your friend gay?” and his answer of “Bisexual.” Yeah I know, memorable right? Hahahaha But I will say, that when I told him that a bunch of friends of mine were interested in going to a gay bar, that interested him. Geez. Anyway, the night turned into early morning so we had our goodbyes. Didn’t even drop us off!! Too busy driving some girl to Pavia. (Don’t ask)

What happens next?
(take a wild guess)

A friendster invite!!! So, I was opening my account and then I got an invite from a person named Sen. Didn’t know anybody named Sen, so I checked out the account. From the pictures posted, I recognized the guy---who else but A.M.!!! That snob from Flow!!!

So, I emailed him and said, “Asus!!! Abi ko kung sin-o, ikaw man lang gale.”Polite replies and me saying stuff like, ok see you around Flow when were out, text text.
It turned out we didn’t have each other’s number. So he gave his and I gave mine.

Then the texting began and there was nothing conventional about it. There were no, ok a few, passed messages, but most of it were the question and answer type.
From what’s the difference between fate and destiny to were the smurfs gay?
Go figure.

Somehow those messages were something I looked forward to everyday.
I thought to myself, “Not bad!! I was actually having a conversation with a man who thinks (take note: THINKS he’s smarter than I am hahaha). A strange feeling after having an ex who had everything to say but nothing worth remembering (mostly issues with his father). Nevertheless, this A.M. guy made me happy!!! Made me smile!!! Weird, but in a strangely comforting way.

Then the late night talks. The Secret dates. Christmas Eve call. New Year’s greeting. Then the fiesta.
At the time, the talk of the group was the love affair of Christian and Cheyenne.
I didn’t really know for sure then----just an inkling---that ours was going the same way.

JAN 5, 2006:
Anyway, Che left on the 5th. A.M. and I went to the airport to see her off and left her with Christian. A.M. and I watched a movie---I think----and had dinner. On the way to Kebab, a teary-eyed/makabagdamdaming talk/while driving----in short pips, I said yes!! Oh wait, I kissed the guy---didn’t actually said yes. Hahahaha

That night, I changed my status in my friendster account as “In a Relationship.” Somehow I knew that it would be the last change I’d make in my status profile.

Then I read his blog about his feelings about me then---I could almost cry. :-p

FEB: This was to be our first Valentine together, we had dinner in Messe. But when he picked me up, he didn’t bring flowers!!! I thought, ok, wala man lang bang bulaklak for Valentines!!!! Geez. But he surprised me when he gave a necklace and a bracelet and a perfume by the end of the night. Sweet. When I told my barkada in law school---they were all like “Haaaay”. Hahahaha

Then on the 27th of February he came back from Manila just in time for my birthday!! He gave me a cute blue teddy bear which had a bracelet on it----I named it Mooshi. Hee Hee

Then summer of 2006: Took classes, pre-bar review with Lex. Then school started.

Then December of 2006:
Cheyenne arrived from Thailand and announced that she and Christian are getting married. On the 1st of January 2007, the family of A.M. had a double celebration in their house, a fiesta and the engagement announcement. That was special because it was also the first time my mother and sister met A.M.’s family.

So what now?

Yup! Yup! A.M. and I just celebrated our first. So this blog is like a remembrance and a celebration of our one year together.

Hon, after the countless pictures (hahaha), the food cravings and gifts (hee hee)---Jun jun is still alive (bwahahaha). No, seriously.

I want to say 5 things why I love you:
a. First, you make me happy with your love, generosity and bootylicious body (wink wink).
b. You’re the one that calmed and continuously calms my irrational fears.
c. I can’t stay angry with you!!!! Weird. An Amazona like me should be the flag-bearer for all supladitas-domineering-babes (pagbigyan) in town!! But no…I’m forced---beyond logic and will----to say. “Ok, I’m not mad anymore.”
d. I like the fact that you accept me as I am. I may not be the girly/dresses/skirt-type of gal that you sometimes ask me to be, but still were together. Babaw to break up or lose an appetite just for that, noh? My say on it? Get over it!!!! You’ll be living with a power suit a.t.t.y. soon enough. Hahahaha
e. And lastly….hmmmmm… I love you because there is something sexy (ahem---figurative pa lang ni ha?!!!) about a man who has responsibilities and does it well and still spends all his free time with his woman. Me!!!!

A thousand more when we meet up!!!
Luv yah honey!!!

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